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AbstractLogix :: 2011 Top Sellers :: John McLaughlin: This is the Way I do it (3 DVD Set) ** ON SALE

John McLaughlin: This is the Way I do it (3 DVD Set) ** ON SALE
John McLaughlin: This is the Way I do it (3 DVD Set) ** ON SALE
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It became clear to me some years ago that the real art of teaching lies in the way of showing with detailed clarity the way the teacher accomplishes what he does. The student can then adopt the various techniques he has understood and progressively apply them to his own instrument. This is the philosophy I have adopted in this DVD, and it is for this reason entitled:'THIS IS THE WAY I DO IT' :
John McLaughlin
Time : 3 hours 40 minutes
This is a NTSC Encoding.

All packages will be shipped by insured expedited shipping method. No other discounts apply to this product.

There are no returns accepted on this product


TABLATURES (Click here to download)

PDF (Click here to download)

Complete Phrase Library Transcriptions by Rich Acocella

View a clip from the dvd here

Director of Tokyo School of music, Chris Juergensen reviews the DVD Review

Tabs by Kevin Michael Review

Bill Milkowski speaks to John McLaughlin


SKU jmldvd
Price: $79.99


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John McLaughlin (Industrial Zen) +John McLaughlin (This is the Way I do it)
John McLaughlin - Industrial Zen ( US Release)  +  John McLaughlin: This is the Way I do it (3 DVD Set) ** ON SALE  =  $142.99 ($95.98)     
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John McLaughlin
Customers rating

Customers rating


Customer voting

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Customer Reviews

Author: jake

Author: Amer
I would agree with Jake that we all can't wait for those DVDs!

Author: gabriel
At last, the very best way to learn directly from the Master!! Thanyou John.

Author: John
Very anticipated, yes, but does anyone else think that $175.00 is unprecedented for a 3-DVD set? Not that I doubt it's quality/value, but it seems that most instructional DVDs out there don't reach into the triple-digit range.

Author: George
To John. The way I justified it was that there are 12 lessons on the DVDs. If you paid John McLaughlin for 12 lessons how much do you think that would cost? Even a modest $30 per lesson would add up to $360. Well worth it in my opinion. Can't wait!!!

Author: D Frohman
The value is strictly based on what you can do with the knowledge given. Gurus abound, but their message is only worth what one can create with it.

Author: alexander
learning guitar from john mclaughlin is like learning the bible from jesus....

Author: Philip Lane Pacheco
I have been a fan (disciple) of John's since My Goal's Beyond. With Montreux Concerts and now the DVD Set. A crowning achievement, the cost is irrelevant.

Author: Salvi Salazar
I agree with Alexander, learning guitar from JOHN is like learning the bible from jesus. I have been learning all HIS solos and harmony for many years... still I am. THANK YOU JOHN

Author: Manuel Valenzuela
Good Bless John McLaughlin, The best guitar player in the world
Thanks for this DVD, I´m waiting for this moment
Thanks again

Author: Scott
I agree that fifty dollars an hour would be a bargain for private lessons, and that a DVD is even better in the sense that I can relive it again and again, but the price still seems steep to me. I also think that nothing is better than total enlightenment

Author: Ed
D Frohman is correct - the value is based on what one does with the knowledge given. The breadth of McLaughlin's musicianship is astonishing. This DVD set is a bargain, especially when one considers the fees charged for hyped-up semiars and workshops.

Author: Mike
Regarding the price, the fact is that this is not a private lesson or an in person seminar/workshop - it is a DVD. So it is really hard to compare it to the price one pays for the latter services...It should also be pointed out that with a running time of

Author: jamie
dom't worry about the cost.the knowledge gained is worth far more than a pile of pennies.

Author: darius
jamie is right. its john mc laughlin.stop.

Author: Pete D
I can't wait to get this. I have been studying with one of his shakti bandmates and this. Lets work hard and get some more spiritual music out there!

Author: Keith
for all those lamenting the lack of tab....take a few weeks and learn some theory. if you can't read, these dvd's will be of limited value.

Author: Rahul
Price is never an issue with musicians. I stand by that. Proof: "The first batch of DVDS are sold out." And tabs may soon be out for the files on Guitar Pro. But I recommend you learn theory, because it opens up doors, I know I will.

Author: Daniel
What's all the complaining about the price? Frank said "Shut up and play your guitar!" I'll learn from McLaughlin and gladly pay this paltry sum.

Author: Joseph
Who said John has no melody? Lotus on Irish Streams, David, Stardust on Your Sleeve, Waltz for Katia, Thousand Island Park,...Those aren't melodies?

Author: Matt
Are their PDFS files for the modes and scales? I can only access the demo PDFS. The others should be available. GREAT DVD>

Author: James
I just received my DVDs yesterday and have gone through 5 or 6 lessons. I can't hardly put my guitar down. Outstanding is an extreme understatment. The best $175 you ever spent.

Author: joe hill
the sound quality is horrible on some spots you can barely hear his guitar playing or the talking is to muddy. The web page is also missing 90% of the pdf files of examples.

Author: Johm
The guitar is buried in the mix...wish he would have talked a bit about his physical approach to the instrument...inspiring none the less!!!

Author: mark
my greatest musical experience ever was seeing shaktiin still brings back very enlightened andjoyous memories for me.thank you for the many happy memories, john.

Author: marc
they should have sheet music who can sight read that fast

Author: Hedda Lettuce
I love John Mc L as a figure head however he needs to put more on paper ie scores of this remarkable DVD. Don't dare stop now John!

Author: Unknown

Author: Ashton P.
Darn! I knew i shoulda' ordered the M-sized T-shirt!

Author: marcus
so is someone going to put a boolet togeather.i think its a must.

Author: dean
I would gladly spend the bucks for this dvd set if it had tablature. I don't read notation. JM could add tabs and give user a choice as entertainment dvds have different choices. Until then I'll keep looping on my sampler. I love JM
bring back the MO

Author: Kevin
I have only the .pdf files. I'm transcribing the tab for those files in PowerTab format. Interested?

Author: wallace leblue
we are talking about one of the greatest musicians of our time,making his concepts available to the it an investment.

Author: Big Bux
Although the 250-character limit should be borne in mind before hitting the 'add review' button? John assumes you are familiar with all positions and have already internalized the scale forms. Thus no tab. Also adds a snobbish edge, cool, guildish.

Book would be a plus. Think about it. If you can't read-your not realizing the actual theory behind JM's improvisation ideas. Great course. Not a Hot Licks entertainment VHS Aaron Leone

Author: Gleep
There are some real pompous asses posting here. "Price is never an issue with musicians." Maybe that applies to accountants who play music on the weekends, but for the many who sacrifice comforts to eek out a living playing music, price is often

Author: Sunman
Dear John, will give us what we need... some charts to help us along. Thanks with great respect

Author: wallace
maybe this just ain't for intermeadiates.

Author: Brad Conroy
That Guy is right. $175 is cheap for twelve lessons that you can watch over and over. Usually virtuosos charge $100 for lesson. I should know. see me at

Author: Blue
you complainers would'nt put in the work it takes to master this material if JM gave you lessons in person free.

Author: Juanito
If you really want to get your shit together you've gotta learn how to read standard music notation,study it every day and eventually you get there (tab is very limited).

Author: rm
If you are willing to put the work in (including learning to read notation-unlike the amateurs complaining here) it is well worth the dosh.

Author: pablo
I think that if you want a Psychoanalisis session with Freud or Lacan it would cost you a lot of money. Some decides to go to the ones that work in their neighbourhoud and it's ok.
Going to the dentist cost me more than $175.00
My lawyer cost me muchhhh

Author: poprince!
No melody? Check out Lotusfeet and tons of other McLaughlin compositions!!This guy must be accustomed to listening to Satriani!!!!!!

Author: Phil
Vraiment un bon DVD en comparaison avec ce qu'il y a sur le marché et d'hommage que les gens soit aussi critiqueux. Très bon travail et merci.

Author: Wayne Warren (
Content vs. Value...Need vs.Want
Few would doubt that John has had a brillant career and for him at this point to 'share' his insights through an innovative DVD format is the best news I've heard in years. Iam not obsessed with John's particular style o

Author: Reza Khota
Mclaughlin has put more spirit, intellect and heart into the guitar than most. Any wisdom that he has to share should be invaluable.

In my estimation the "This is the way I do it DVD" is sensational. A complete educational treasure. As a professional you have to take my word on this. The caliber of any student determines their rection to the master. This is a very ancient tr

Author: Jerome
When I first learned of John's DVD set,
I couldn't have been happier. Lessons
from one of the greatest Guitar Players
to ever walk the Planet! You can't put a price tag on something like that. Thank You John, your DVDs, I'm sure will help me reach that

Author: SMART!!!
You are all STUPID!! I would pay 3 million dollars for John!! Now if only mr Al Dimiola would come out with something besides books?!?!

Author: Adolfo Aaron
When I heard The Mahavishnu Orchestra in the 70's..that music was ahead of that time. Evolution in every note (Billy Cobham was in it..remember?). After that John went an amazing solo career. Now he releases a DVD? Heeellooo beginners!! Your asses will kn

Author: Pogue Mahone
These messages are being censored.
Many of the comments have disappeared.

Author: Pat
They took out most of the complaints about the lack of exercices booklet.

Author: Eric
ok, i am a bad intermediare player, will I be able to follow and learn from this DVD?

Author: tony
same here, i am a bad intermediate player but this dvd is helping me a lot

Author: dg
Dont listen to people complain that it is expensive. It is the best 175 i have spent and I am a basic intermediate guitar player. Close your eyes and get it. Its an entire curriculum

Author: pope benedict
Ihope the expense is justified John...most of us work for minimum wage and play for free...because we love music we'll pay...I was very disabpointed that my 49th birthday money won't pay for it all...

Author: james duff
as a music student i can only work one day a week earning £25 fro 6 hours on a sunday (maybe$40)so even if i didnt eat it would still take me more than two months to afford this!

Author: Pickdad
I am actually getting this for my son for his birthday/Christmas. He is going to be thrilled about it!

Author: Elias
For you guys who only read tab, this will be kinda tough. I suggest you learn to read music because then you are forced to learn where all of the notes are on your fretboard. Its more fun & accurate too.

About the DVD's, they kick mucho ass!

Author: Slomo
Yitzle bitzle I hope to play the licks well. I sold my backup guitar for the dvd.

Author: Daniel
An interesting mix of reviews and madness...makes one wonder. Oh well, I'll order it anyway - after 40 years of trying to do-it-myself...why not?

Author: Lucid
No one has mentioned the content value
Is it for advanced players as opposed to intermidate... If it's just running through modes, then it's useless in my case. If it's conceptual playing & John's personal techinque... then it will be well worth it.

Author: NartMcSeeda
john mclaughlin is the guitar poet of the century ..long live john ..god bless you

Author: Ravi K
I bought this after reading some good reviews about it. It is indeed for advanced players only. Also the quality of the production is below par. For example, the 3rd DVD, the chapter12 is skipping... Video is of 640K qulaity. So called bonus material fre

Author: joseph
You cannot put a price on something like this.To see John's techniques explained in plain view and in depth on DVD priceless to the serious guitarist.

Author: OMFG
These DVDs are incredible. Also I had a problem with exercise 13 and John came to my house to explain. Also he brought a large veggie pizza. YAY!

Author: francesco bonfanti
mr. mclaughlin, you are the avantgarde watchtower. thanks for share


Author: Jerry Fretto
This is a blessing ! Thank GOD HE choose John to be on the earth in our time (Acts 17 : 26) . I'm a satisified customer of this 3 dvd set And of John's albums since 1972 to present.. Jan.2009 . Go ahead John !

Author: H Schuyler Collins
This is a rare product. Do not hesitate if you love John's work, you wont be dissapointed as he sincerely and in details tells how he looks at harmony and improviising

Author: K.S. Chun
I learned much from this DVD even I am a keyboard player.
This is the super cool instruction of improvisation!!

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