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10. Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip [Featuring Jerry Goodman on violin]

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AbstractLogix :: Guitar :: Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip [Featuring Jerry Goodman on violin]

Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip [Featuring Jerry Goodman on violin]
Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip [Featuring Jerry Goodman on violin] 


Hectic Watermelon is a new "Post-Zappa Commando-Fusion" band from San Diego-Los Angeles comprised of John Czajkowski on guitars, Darren DeBree on drums, andHarley Magsino on bass. The legendary electric violin fusion pioneer, Jerry Goodman, joins the lineup on 9 of the 11 tracks on the band's debut album, The Great American Road Trip. The album is a colorfully deep retrospective that draws from jazz-rock traditions while forging bold new compositional pathways. It has Topped the UK Aternative Jazz College charts published in Jazzwise magazine, received international airplay and earned critical acclaim.

"Czajkowski tours the American landscape by orchestrating a tour of the music that grows there. He's a monster guitarist with a metal carapace and a creamy jazz center, sprouting hydra heads of classical picking..."
- Scott Johnson

"A very enjoyable album – Highly recommended!!!"
- Alex Machacek

"Every so often, an album like Hectic Watermelon's The Great American Road Trip comes along to give me hope that jazz-rock fusion hasn't collapsed like a poorly-made soufflé under the weight of its own clichés. The relentless energy, shape-shifting changes and bounding asymmetrical rhythms of tunes extend and elaborate upon the groundbreaking work of artists like John McLaughlin, Frank Zappa, and Jeff Beck."
- Dave Wayne Jazz Review

A tour de force, The Great American Road Trip showcases John Czajkowski's dazzling fretwork, contrapuntal ingenuity and impeccable ensemble playing with bassist Harley Magsino and drummer Darren Debree and former Mahavishnu violinist Goodman...a virtuoso fusion band…a fleet-fingered guitarist and composer…intricate compositions (that) blend elements of fusion jazz, prog-rock, funk and contemporary classical."
- George Varga San Diego Union-Tribune

"John McLaughlin's influence is felt throughout the album, but Frank Zappa is also quite present—not in Czajkowski's guitar playing, but in his witty writing and sense of humor. Both entertaining and technically impressive, The Great American Road Trip has enough jazz to titillate fusion fans, enough complexity to please the progressively inclined, but most of all, it has its own endearing personality. Highly recommended!"
- François Couture All Music Guide

"Throughout each of the songs on this masterful set, the playing is tight, complex and eclectic. Anybody who is missing the days when Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow or The Mahavishnu Orchestra's Birds of Fire ruled the world will have found a friend in this high-energy recording."
George Harris - All About Jazz

"The ghost of Zappa wanders around, while other ideas can be traced back to the pure sounds of Eric Johnson, the intriguing syncopation of Scott Henderson, the Eastern senses of John McLauglin, Allan Holdsworth's unpredictability and especially the breathtaking versatility of Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs. Goodman's sweeping playing beautifully manifests itself constantly, This excellently produced, modern progressive jazz-rock trip stimulates the musical joy of traveling."
- René Yedema iO Pages Magazine, Netherlands

"With so much competition in the marketplace, musicians can find it difficult to make an original musical statement that separates them from the pack. Not everyone will be a true innovator. But there are musician's who take their influences, add healthy doses of their own unique talent, and manage to push the musical envelope with their creativity. The music on The Great American Road Trip by Hectic Watermelon is a very good example of that process."
- Rod Sibley begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting Abstract Logix Featured Review


Track Listings

Track 1. Sacred Watershed (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2. The Third Derivative of James Brown(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3. Bionic Hillbilly(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4. F Street Fulano(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5. Dreams of Concrete Jungles
Track 6. Subterranean Rapid Transit(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7. Layover in Hamemet
Track 8. Stray Dogs Messaging Project(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 9. Steve's Stunt Double (LISTEN TO AUDIO)

Track 10. Twenty-first Century Visigoth
Track 11. Bullets, Dice and 30 Megabytes (LISTEN TO AUDIO)


SKU SKU21703
Price: $13.99


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Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip [Featuring Jerry Goodman on violin] with Hectic Watermelon Predator Fish Extra Large Shirt
Price: $23.99
Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip [Featuring Jerry Goodman on violin] with Hectic Watermelon Predator Fish Extra Large Shirt
Hectic Watermelon: Predator Fish Extra Large Shirt
Price: $17.99
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John Czajkowski/Marco Minnemann: West ZooOpolis
Price: $14.99
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Author: Curtismyman
What do Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth, Dixie Dregs, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, and Hectic Watermelon have in common? Well, a whole lot, and you get a lot in this record. These guys are no posers, as this trio plus Jerry Goodman, can raise the ha

Author: Barry Adkins
The album manages to be relaxing, explosive, and hum-worthy all rolled into one. Every composition leaves you with something, whether it is a soulful smile, an energetic ride of complexity, or a perplexed look of wonder. I have found all of these within t

Author: fusionman
An fiery combination of both brains and balls here! I love the deeply crafted compostions and blazing musicianship of this young band, and of course of fusion vetran Jerry Goodman. Impressive...

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