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5. Santana - Hymns for Peace/with John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter (2 DVD)
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AbstractLogix :: Beyond Jamband :: Hadrien Feraud: Hadrien Feraud (French Import)

Hadrien Feraud: Hadrien Feraud (French Import)
Hadrien Feraud: Hadrien Feraud (French Import) 

Hadrien Feraud (Bass, Programming, Keyboards); Jim Grandcamp (guitar);Jean-Pierre Como (moog); Damien Schmitt(Drums); Linley Marthe (bass);Gerard Feraud (programming); Guests include John McLaughlin (1-High Jacked); Bireli Lagrene (1- Rhapsody in Blue)

2007 Release; Import from France. Hadrien Feraud is the amazing bassist from France that sparked attention worldwide with his phenomenal playing on John McLaughlin's "Industrial Zen".

On his solo debut record, Hadrien exceeds the hype. Not only does he amaze technically, but his compositional approach is extremely matured and forward thinking. Hadrien is undoubtedly one those cats that will take the instrument forward, just like bassist Matthew Garrison did and continues to do when he exploded in the music world. The album is extremely enjoyable and full of musical surprises. Hadrien's voice is unique and influences of Jaco Patorius, Dominique di Piazza, Matthew Garrison can easily be heard. A highly recommended album.

Track Listings
1. Rumeurs (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
2. Marie Ael
3. Natural (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
4. High Jacked (w/John McLaughlin)(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
5. Giant Steps(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
6. Jet Sun Dance(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
7. Hadrien and Linley Trip 1
8. Clair Obscur (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
9. Rhapsody in Blue (w/Bireli Lagrene)(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
10. Shall We Love(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
11. Hadrien and Linley Trip 2
12. Maria Christina (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
13. Marie Ael Long Version(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
14. Outro Trip 3


SKU SKU22152
Track 1 See above
Price: $34.99


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John McLaughlin - Industrial Zen ( US Release)
Price: $15.99
John McLaughlin - Industrial Zen ( US Release)
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John McLaughlin - The Essential 2 CD
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Matthew Garrison: Shapeshifter
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Steve Hunter: Dig My Garden /w James Muller on guitar (IMPORT)
Trio of Doom + Hadrien Feraud (special guest John McLaughlin)
John McLaughlin/Jaco Pastorius/Tony Williams/Trio of Doom - The Trio of Doom Live  +  Hadrien Feraud: Hadrien Feraud (French Import)  =  $26.98 ($47.97)     
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Author: erka
you should up some samples!!!
cant wait until the release....

Author: Mike
This a great album from a truly world-class bassist - Feraud is a true 21st century bass hero.

Author: stephan brun
your can play really fast, but how about saying something with your playing like having motifs, melodies etc.?

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