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1. Tal Wilkenfeld: Transformation w/Wayne Krantz, Seamus Blake, Keith Carlock [Import]
2. Gary Willis: Actual Fiction
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4. Gary Willis, Llibert Fortuny & Kirk Covington / Slaughterhouse 3- S3
5. Stanley Clarke - Night School (DVD)/with Bela Fleck, Patrice Rushen, Stewart Copeland and many more
6. Stanley Clarke - Toys of Men
7. Matthew Garrison: Live (CD/DVD)
8. Matthew Garrison: Shapeshifter
9. Jeff Berlin w/Pat Martino, Dennis Chambers: Bass Logic from the Players School of Music (DVD)
10. Victor Wooten: Super Bass Solo Technique

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AbstractLogix :: Bassists as Bandleaders :: Tal Wilkenfeld: Transformation w/Wayne Krantz, Seamus Blake, Keith Carlock [Import]

Tal Wilkenfeld: Transformation w/Wayne Krantz, Seamus Blake, Keith Carlock [Import]
Tal Wilkenfeld: Transformation  w/Wayne Krantz, Seamus Blake, Keith Carlock [Import] 

Born in Sydney Australia, Tal first picked up guitar at age 14, and switched to the bass guitar 3 years later. After playing bass for only a few months, Roger Sadowsky heard Tal, and offered her an endorsement with Sadowsky guitars. Very quickly, Tal started performing as a sideman and bandleader, and started working towards the recording of her debut album, "Transformation", which she recorded at the tender age of 20. As well as playing bass, Tal also composed, arranged, and produced the album, which features Wayne Krantz, Geoffrey Keezer, Keith Carlock and Seamus Blake. That same year, she appeared as a guest with the Allman Brothers Band, and taught a clinic at bass day 06. When she was 21, Tal accompanied Chick Corea on his tour of Australia (with Frank Gambale and Antonio Sanchez), and Jeff Beck on his European Summer Tour (with Vinnie Colaiuta and Jason Rebello). The Beck tour culminated at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival, where Jeff featured Tal with a blistering solo on "Cause We've Ended as Lovers" that many regard as one of the highlights of the show. Since then, Tal has played with many other greats, including Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock, Joss Stone, Wayne Shorter, the Wayne Krantz Trio, Imogen Heap, and Corinnie Bailey Ray, and has been voted as "The Years Most Exciting New Player" in Bass Players 2008 Readers Choice Awards.


SKU SKU23258
Track 2 Cosmic Joke (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Truth Be Told (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Serendipity
Track 5 The River of Life (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Oatmeal Bandage (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Table For One (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Price: $25.99

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Author: Beck Fan
I love Tal Wilkenfeld. One of the best musical breakouts of the year at Crossroads with Jeff Beck. I love this album with Wayne Krantz even more. While you are at this album pick up Improvision with bassist Matthew Garrison who played with McLaughlin at C

Author: LARRY Aagard (
Tal. I was wondering how old you are, not that it makes a difference. I'm an old fart going on 60 which it seems like just a short while ago when I started playing bass in the 7th grade. Life is so short. When I heard you with Jeff on the Crossroads All I could talk about was your chops. I couldn't believe my ears. I will be buying your c.d.s from here on out. A very appreciative fan, LOWNOTES

Author: Sleepman 57
Tal, you are a breath of fresh air. Not since Jaco have I heard a Bassist w/ that kind of style , grace and sparkle. you soar above so many.. Stay healthy and safe dont falter and you will become a legend. God Bless you (he already has!)

Author: Matthew
I saw Tal last July playing with Jeff Beck at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival and was Completely and Totally Blown Away by both Tal and Jeff Beck. They were Awesome together and I definitely recommend the Crossroads Guitar Festival double DVD set. It's more than four hours of music that you'll certainly enjoy!


Author: Kurt kline (
This young 22 year old is opening a new faze in jazz history. She brings sparkle, clarity, and freshness.
It is without question that she would be in the likes of Jaco Pastorious .

Author: PhantomTramp
Tal, you SPANKED the Beckster. See ya down the road, lass...

Author: Rob (uncleribbit)
I was in Chicago in July of 07 but missed the concert... saw it on TV a few days later and was hooked on Tal... I am 46 years old and have been a big Jeff Beck fan for over 30 years (more... lol) (don't want Jeff to feal too old)... when I say this WILD girl bouncing on stage and feeding off of Jeff's energy and then I saw the Jeff was feeding off of hers too... My mind was blown. The way the two of you feed each other and inspired each other was a bueaty to behold.

You Bass riffs were fantastic, and right on the mark. Your ad-lib was even better. Not to much, than just enough to be true Jazz-Rock fusion...
My son is learning to play the bass and I am going to show him your clips. I know it will inspire him as well.

I would like to say you have another fan, and I hope you the best, I would like to see and hear more of you in the future (which would mean great success) wich is what a true fan should wish.

I read you come from the land down under, are you still touring here in the states? if so, are you going to be in the mid-west any time soon (this was entered 04/30/08)?

If you ever go back home tell the people in Perth and Freemantel they have friends here in the states too ( I spent 2 weeks in Perth back in 1983)

God Bless and Much Success.

Author: Marc
btw, Rob (uncleribbit) it's 'Fremantle'! I grew up there, now residing in Melbourne. Saw Tal with Chick, Frank and Antonio in Melbourne last year, held her own, EASILY, with those wonderful players so many years ahead of her, but only in one sense. Go Tal! Love the Crossroads set. Big fan. Marc (muggasan [at] gmail [dot] com)

Author: Dr. Gregory Tyree
Superb !!!! Tal is White Chocolate. Sista got da funk......

Author: MARK L.

Author: Perfessor Bonehead
Tal...for ANYONE to stand out amongst the GREATS at crossroads would be beyond belief...but YOU DID!!
I want to be your grandfather...THANK YOU!!

Author: gjfreebird
im a lynyrd skynyrd fan but i listen to all kind of music. saw you on the crossroads dvd. wow. GREAT. maybe ill see you in london 4th of july with beck.
greetings from norway

Author: MICHAEL B.

Author: Lorin
This lady can play. Very much worth watching as she's having well-deserved big fun. Hope to see and listen to future work with Vince C.

Author: Clint
Yes reminded me of Jaco, the woman can play. Seeing some of the website stuff and the bio, excellent. Best of luck with a career in music. Love to hear you play, play on Little Sister...

Author: Shandor Lyndem
Tal Wikenfeld Marry Me. I fell in Love with You the day i saw your video.You are the most beautiful lady in the world. Non can beat you in my eyes. Words can't even express what i'm feeling and what i felt for you. The way you ply makes me go crazy inside. I pray i could meet you. I'm really so much in LOVE You. Hope you understand.

Author: Jack Weiss
I saw you with Jeff Beck at Irving Plaza on Good Friday 2009; the 2 of you were on fire musically, and absolutely wonderful to see and hear.

Author: Sigurgeir Bjarnason
Dear Tal .The best thing I can say is thank you for giving us of your talents. May God bless you and keep you in his care.Greetings from Iceland

Author: Mark Burgess
I really don't understand how in only 6 years, you have the ideas in your head, much less make them come out in technique far beyond most world class bassists. God has given us all our Jaco back in the form of a beautiful young woman with her own destiny. Hope to hear you on fretless some time.

Author: Shortster
What can one say...simply amazing!!! I can easily see why people make the comparison to Jaco. However, you are truly your own style. I can\'t get over how mature your chops are. You have been blessed with a tremendous gift and thankful that you are willing to share it with us. As a drummer I can only imagine what a delight it would be to be on stage with you. Since seeing you on the Jeff Beck @ Ronnie Scott\'s concert video, I have talked you up whenever possible to those who can appreciate your talent. I recently purchased your CD and haven\'t taken it out of the car player since. Again, \"thanks\" and will be keeping tabs on your journey.

Author: tony Leach
Come to Oklahoma. We want to see you with Jeff Beck live. The Ronnie Scotts concert was amazing.

Author: Beck-Ola
Been a Beck fan since 1968. Tal, You would have loved that era and that era would have loved your musical skills.
Carry on Tal, Carry on.......

Author: Mark S.
Truly an incredible talent. I wish you had been in Paul Samwell-Smith's spot with Beck.

Author: Tuller
Simply frigging amazing girl!

Author: Daniel LeSaux
I'm a long time Beck fan and your performance on Live at Ronnie Scott's is fantastic. You have absorbed Jeff's groove and soul! Perfect! Thanks for the music!

Author: richard
tal- after the most incredible bass solo i have ever heard - the crossroads guitar festival- with jeff beck on 'cause we've ended as lovers'. i think you are the greatest bassist since jaco. i listen to almost all types of music jazz, rock, fusion etc. i can wish you all the best with your career and hope to see you play sometime in the future. keep it up you are on your way to iconic status.

Author: steve robert
52 years i have never wittnessed smooth like that- stay away from the bad - we need to have you arround a very long time - Simply put....... DAMN

Author: David
47, former Rock, Metal,punk, Bass player and this young lady blew me away! I'm buying her CD and dusting off the Kramer 8 String. It will be interesting playing Jazz rifss on a Metal bass (-:

Author: Reggie
"She can sho' nuff play!" shouted by my 87-year old grandmother in Memphis, as we watched Tal on Live at Ronnie Scott's on DVD.

Author: Mike C
You are to the bass what Hendrix was to the guitar. I agree with all of the nothing but positive comments on your playing. You have Genius Musical IQ . Love the live at Ronnie Scotts DVD . Keep going and never stop. You have everyone waiting for more. I am ordering your cd , Gods gift to us all and that bass, We all love you! . Jeff was great as well and I will be disappointed to ever see him without you.

Peace Love and Happiness!

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