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AbstractLogix :: Abstract Logix Label :: Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat /w Jeff Sipe, Oteil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Greg Osby, Derek Trucks

Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat /w Jeff Sipe, Oteil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Greg Osby, Derek Trucks
Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat /w Jeff Sipe, Oteil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Greg Osby, Derek Trucks 

Jimmy Herring (Guitar); Oteil Burbridge (Bass); Kofi Burbridge (Piano, Keyboards); Jeff Sipe, aka APT Q-258 (Drums); Special Guests : Greg Osby (Sax); Matt Slocum (Keyboards); Derek Trucks (Slide Guitar); Bobby Lee Rodgers (Leslie and Rhythm Guitar); Ike Stubblefield (Hammond B3), Tyler Greenwell (Drums), Scott Kinsey (Organ)

Buy the album or individual tracks at the Abstract Logix Digital Store:

The first solo record from Guitar maestro Jimmy Herring considered by many musicians and fans to be one of the hottest guitarists on the planet. It is surprising that it took him this long to launch his debut record after founding or performing with outstanding bands and projects - the Legendary Aquarium Rescue Unit, Project Z, Frogwings, Jazz is Dead with Billy Cobham, Alphonso Johnson, T Lavitz, Allman Brothers, The Dead, Phil Lesh, Justice League and currently fulfilling guitar duties for jam band phenom, Widespread Panic.

This outstanding effort which insiders and fellow musicians calling it an absolute musical masterpiece is full of surprises that elevates Jimmy's already fantastic reputation to be an outstanding guitarist. Jimmy Herring wrote six of the tunes along with Kofi Burbridge who wrote two tunes as well. They also do scintillating versions of Wayne Shorter's Lost as well the Overture from Walt Disney's Jungle Book. Get ready for one of most impressive musical statements by one of our very favorite musicians.

Snapshot of Jimmy Herring by Rod Sibley.

They say, "It ain't braggin' if you can do it." Jimmy Herring is too modest to brag, but his guitar does a lot of the talkin'. And with the release of his first solo recording, Lifeboat, people are going to hear what Jimmy and his guitar have to say. Jimmy Herring is known for his limitless improvisations , long flowing phrases, and highly charged (and always very soulful) lead work. Lifeboat features Jimmy's fiery guitar playing, and six Herring originals that showcase his stylistically diverse songwriting.

Jimmy Herring developed his reputation as a unique guitar player from years of performing and recording with top-tier musicians. After playing on the local scene of his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Jimmy attended and graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology. In 1986, Jimmy moved to Atlanta, Georgia to teach at the Atlanta Institute of Music and quickly established himself. Herring still lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children.

In 1989, Jimmy joined singer and bandleader Col. Bruce Hampton and his group Aquarium Rescue Unit – a seminal jam band which mixed rock, free-jazz and bluegrass – and stayed until 1996. From 1998-99, nationwide exposure would come to Jimmy with the band Jazz Is Dead; which also featured drummer Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra), bassist Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), and keyboardist T Lavitz (The Dregs). This group was known for playing jazz-fusion instrumental interpretations of classic songs by The Grateful Dead. Billy Cobham calls Jimmy Herring, "One of the best I have ever played with."

Jimmy Herring's star is rising on the guitar horizon. He is one of the freshest new voices I've heard in many a year. He has successfully integrated his many fold influences while at the same time has found his own voice. No mean achievement! His future in music is assured. - John McLaughlin

Jimmy Herring, one of the best I have ever played with. - Billy Cobham

Jimmy then played with The Allman Brothers Band for a summer tour in 2000. After the death of guitar great Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead's bass player Phil Lesh continued to tour under the name Phil Lesh & Friends. Herring was a full-time member of this group from October 2000 to November 2005. In 2003 and 04 the surviving members of The Grateful Dead reunited and Herring was asked to fill the guitar chair.

Throughout this time, Jimmy Herring has continued to play in various side projects, notably Project Z with Jeff Sipe (drums) and Ricky Keller (bass). Lincoln Memorial, the second Project Z recording, was released in the fall of 2005. August 2006 found Jimmy taking over the guitar spot in the hugely popular jam band Widespread Panic; a gig that he continues to this present time.

With Lifeboat, Jimmy Herring is poised to move from sideman to the center of the stage. Lifeboat, is a wide-ranging work. From foot stomping southern-flavored rockers; to modern bop and fusion; to a cover of the Wayne Shorter composition "Lost"; and melodic pieces full of subtlety and nuance; the music of Lifeboat, allows Jimmy to express a full-range of emotions through his guitar.

Lifeboat, will amaze people discovering Jimmy Herring for the first time…and surprise long-time fans as well.


SKU SKU23855
Track 1 Scapegoat Blues (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Only When It’s Light (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 New Moon (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Lifeboat Serenade (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 One Strut (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Jungle Book Overture (Walt Disney Films) (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Lost (Wayne Shorter) (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 Transients (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 9 Gray Day (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 10 Splash (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Price: $10.00


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Jimmy Herring (Lifeboat) + Project Z (Lincoln Memorial)
Project Z (Jimmy Herring, Ricky Keller, Jeff Sipe, Jason Crosby, Greg Osby)- Lincoln Memorial  +  Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat /w Jeff Sipe, Oteil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Greg Osby, Derek Trucks  =  $23.98 ($22.00)    
Buy Now

Krantz Carlock Lefebvre + Jimmy Herring (Lifeboat)
Wayne Krantz: Krantz Carlock Lefebvre  +  Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat /w Jeff Sipe, Oteil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Greg Osby, Derek Trucks  =  $26.98 ($22.00)     
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Customers rating

Customers rating

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Customer Reviews

Author: jonathan
I am very eager to get this. The samples sound like Aquarium rescue unit. Thank you for doing what you do best

Author: eric from fayetville
We are proud of you Jimmy, You deserve all you got. you are the nicest human being and equally great guitarist

Author: jamie
Widespread Panic fans love you jimmy

Author: helmut
I am loving the sampler. I missed ARU , but i still have the cds .. and I am sure this cd is going to out do all the ARU releases.

Author: riaz
I am a big fan from Dubai. I saw Jimmy Herring in 1994 with the Aquarium rescue unit and then with Jazz is Dead. I love everything he does. He is one of the most honest guitarists along with Allan Holdsworth, Derek Trucks and Mke Landau

Author: colbruce
Jimmy Herring, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Sipe, Kofi Burbridge not to mention Derek Trucks, Greg Osby. This is like ARU on Speed. So boys when do we see it live

Author: arufreak

Author: gonefishing
Jimmy Herring is the shit !! He is a good reason why i go to see wsp

Author: Levoln
The sky is blue, gods are smiling, cos Jimmy Herring is back .. SIPE, OTEIL, KOFI, DEREK.... ARE WE TALKING ABOUT A REUNION

Author: hittinthenote
Jimmy Herring is the strongest rock guitar player today that brings jazz and other elements to this music like no other. He is one of a kind.
I am very happy that he has decided to make his first ever solo music album with a cast of superstars and family... Oteil, sipe, Kofi, derek are like brothers to him. I have spoken to him before about this and I know he has been waiting for years for this to happen . And it happens with my favorite music label. Go guys


At last! Jazz ain't dead.

Author: Billy Barnett
I predict This Jimmy will go down in history just like a few other guys named jim.

Author: Kevin aka 'NotYourTypicalNegro'
IT'S ABOUT TIME, JIMMIE! Much love and can't wait till I get it!

Author: Haisija
got 03-31-06 ? Athens, Georgia...???
please share !!!

Author: Chris Hinson
This CD hasn't left my CD changer since I got it. Jimmy has been my favorite guitarist and a close friend for years and I was fortunate enough to see the original ARU many many times in Atlanta, Athens and the surrounding area. Jimmy's playing has matured to a place that is at the same time beautiful, haunting, uplifting and extremely satisfying. The tones, note choices and compostions on this album are simply incredible and the choice to keep it "in the family" by playing with Oteil, Kofi, Sipe and Derek lends the abum a vibe of familiarity even as they explore the outer cosmos of virtuosic interplay. All the best to Jimmy and the "family" for delvering a sonic masterpiece for the ages.

Author: Jordan Quintero
Contundente guitarrista Jimmy Herring , uno de los nuevos nombres llamados a ocupar los primeros sitiales de lo que con la guitarra electrica se puede alcanzar en estos años finales de la primera decada del nuevo milenio.

Author: bilo08
The "Jungle Book Overture" is a modern
masterpiece, from beginning to end, perfection.

Author: wayne rigsby
I was so blessed to play with jimmy when we were 18 and 19 playing mostly in his family guarage.we all knew then that this was a GOD thing but people he is even a better person than guitarist if you can believe that.Right On my Brother. Me Corky and all of us are so proud.This cd just makes us all want more so keep on keeping on as we know you will.

Author: McGhee

Author: Glenn W.
This is an astounding debut solo album! Jimmy is a guy who truly gets better all the time. I have never been the biggest ARU fan, but i have several albums because of Jimmy.

This a really mature and diverse effort with lots of deep and scorching guitar playing. Jimmy is one of those guys, you know, the Rock guy that studies jazz and plays outside the box like guitar players want to hear and emulate.
Outstanding album. I can't stop listening to it, (and don't know why i would!??!)/.

Author: tonepoet
I bought this right when it came out. Very fusion, and Jimmy's playing is in top form. I really dig his phrasing, fire, and harmonic sensibilities. Amazing jazz chops, rock, and the ability to mix it all without sounding contrived. Jimmy, please do an instructional DVD, or do a book with your ideas. Something, man, give us some of the magic!!!

Author: Ken Palmer aka Sciota Micks

You were the best teacher I ever had at AIM, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you play with the Rescue Unit in Atlanta and New Orleans where I lived in the early 90's. This album is much anticipated for us fans! All the best!

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