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AbstractLogix :: Guitar :: Julian Lage: Sounding Point

Julian Lage: Sounding Point
Julian Lage: Sounding Point 

Julian Lage (guitar); Ben Roseth (sax); Aristides Rivas (cello); Jorge Roeder (bass); Tupac Mantilla (percussion); Chris Thile (mandolin); Bela Fleck (banjo); Taylor Eigsti (piano).

Sounding Point finds Lage leading his own band-including saxophonist Ben Roseth, cellist Aristides Rivas, bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer/percussionist Tupac Mantilla-as well as special guests Eigsti, Fleck and renowned mandolinist Chris Thile of Nickel Creek and Punch Brothers fame. The record is produced by Steven Epstein and engineered by Richard King, who in addition to collaborating on classical music projects has also worked on classical-crossover albums recorded by Yo Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer, Chick Corea 's Corea.Concerto, and Billy Joel 's Opus 1-10: Fantasies & Delusions: Music for Solo Piano. Lage says that after a lot of research, he decided that the Epstein-King team 's work on the Punch Brothers ' Punch debut was the sound and feeling he wanted to have on his first record.

"The point of this record was to express the underlying movement within the music," says Lage, who though he may be a young virtuoso, never resorts to flashy technique on his acoustic and electric guitars (a Martin D-18GE and a Linda Manzer archtop, respectively). "I have an affinity for the guitar, and I 've committed myself to being a student of the instrument. I have always been drawn to a technique that allows the music to take on a visual shape as well as a wide emotional spectrum."


1. Clarity
2. All Purpose Beginning
3. Familiar Posture
4. The Informant
5. Peterborough
6. Long Day, Short Night
7. Quiet, Through and Through
8. Lil' Darlin'
9. Tour One
10. Alameda
11. Constructive Rest
12. Motor Minder
13. Encore: All Blues


SKU SKU24165
Price: $13.99


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