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AbstractLogix :: Books :: Wayne Krantz: An Improviser's OS (Book)

Wayne Krantz: An Improviser's OS (Book)
Wayne Krantz: An Improviser's OS (Book) 

Purchase this book with the KCL Cd for only $10 more (Click Special Offers below)

Wayne Krantz

What is this book? It could be: "A discipline; a long-term method of mastering the guitar", However: 'a discipline' implies something ritualistic; uncreative 'long-term' implies that nothing can be accomplished in the short-term. For something to inspire it needs to give some degree of consistent gratification from the start 'method' implies a closed system: dead, sterile 'mastering' implies finality. There is no end to the development of a musician with an active imagination 'the guitar' glorifies an object. The instrument itself is of passing importance. What we do with it is the thing of meaning music is a thing of meaning.

This book is an improviser's Operating System. Its basic premise is that pattern playing can ultimately limit the growth of one's skills as a creative improviser. Since most of us rely heavily on patterns to find notes, alternative means of finding notes must be used to overcome our pattern dependency.......WK.

Purchase this book with the KCL cd from Wayne Krantz for only $10 more (Click Special Offers below)


SKU SKU24532
Price: $21.99

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Wayne Krantz (An Improvisers OS) + Wayne Krantz (Krantz Carlock Lefebvre)
Wayne Krantz: Krantz Carlock Lefebvre  +  Wayne Krantz: An Improviser's OS (Book)  =  $31.99 ($33.99)     
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