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AbstractLogix :: Books :: Follow Your Heart: John McLaughlin Song by Song (Book)(International Special)

Follow Your Heart: John McLaughlin Song by Song (Book)(International Special)
Follow Your Heart: John McLaughlin  Song by Song (Book)(International Special) 
Abstract Logix Books Release

(For Customers Outside the United States)

(U.S. Customers see below.)

Follow Your Heart
John McLaughlin
song by song
A Listener's Guide

By Walter Kolosky with a foreword by Chick Corea

(Signed by the author)

"Follow Your Heart reads like your favorite specialist music magazine, opinionated and exceedingly well informed. Follow Your Heart has already been included in Berklee's curriculum, which is a good indication of its worth." - Ian Patterson, Allaboutjazz.

"Kolosky knows this music backwards and forwards, and its a joy to read these pages because so much effort and care went into the writing of them." - Steven Rosen, Curled Up With a Good Book

"Follow Your Heart: John McLaughlin song by song is a great resource to future and current fans of McLaughlin. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the music of John McLaughlin to greater depths." - Marcos Rios, Guitar International

"Walter Kolosky has crafted a fine look at John McLaughlin. Highly recommended. An ideal book to have in the public library for library jazz patrons, and a perfect jazz biography to have in the home." - Lee Prosser, Jazzreview

"Walter Kolosky has provided the ultimate guide to the music of John McLaughlin. This is a book every fan of the guitarist will want to own." -Ted Gioia, music educator and author of the acclaimed The History of Jazz

"Walter Kolosky has established himself as one of the foremost authorities on John McLaughlin's work, and nowhere is that more evident than in this terrific new book. It's a fantastic tour through McLaughlin's extensive catalog of compositions, with detailed insight and unique details you'll find nowhere else. A must buy for fans of this pioneering musician." - Anil Prasad,

"Absolutely fascinating...full of really good insight." -Will Power, Radio Host BC-FM Bristol, England

Legendary guitarist and composer John McLaughlin recorded historic music with Miles Davis and the revolutionary Tony Williams Lifetime. He founded fusion's first super group, The Mahavishnu Orchestra. McLaughlin helped pave the way for World Music in Shakti. The acoustic Guitar Trio ushered in the unplugged movement. Grammy winner McLaughlin, who Jeff Beck says is the world's greatest guitarist, continues to influence generations of musicians. Follow Your Heart takes you on a fascinating journey of this most important artist's music – song by song. The tour guide is Walter Kolosky, author of the award winning Power, Passion and Beauty – The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra. He is aided by a foreword written by Chick Corea, expert musicologists, McLaughlin's own words and many remarkable images never before published. Follow Your Heart is an invaluable listener's guide, history, reference book and source of inspiration all rolled into one.

Attn: International Customers! Special Offer!: For $30.75 per book author Walter Kolosky will sign and date each book. The author's autograph and all shipping and handling charges are included! (Expect delivery in about 10 days.)

Very Special Offer for U.S. Abstract Logix customers only: For $19.95 per book author Walter Kolosky will sign and date each book. The author's autograph and all shipping and handling charges are included! To order go HERE (Expect delivery in about 7 days.)


SKU SKU24831
Price: $39.95


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