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AbstractLogix :: Abstract Logix Label :: Chris Taylor: Nocturnal / Featuring Scott Kinsey|Gary Novak|Steve Tavglione|George Whitty|Ric Fierabracci

Chris Taylor: Nocturnal / Featuring Scott Kinsey|Gary Novak|Steve Tavglione|George Whitty|Ric Fierabracci
Chris Taylor: Nocturnal / Featuring Scott Kinsey|Gary Novak|Steve Tavglione|George Whitty|Ric Fierabracci 

Chris Taylor Website

Chris Taylor (guitars, keyboards and programming); Steve Tavaglione (sax, woodwinds, ewi); Ric Fierabracci, Kevin Freeby, Gary Haase (bass);George Whitty, Scott Kinsey, John Findlay (keyboards) Gary Novak, Dave Weckl, Kirk Covington, Joel Rosenblatt, Tracey Kroll (drums);John Czajkowski (baritone guitar)

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Chris Taylor

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Seemingly from out of nowhere, New York-based guitarist-composer Chris Taylor has emerged after nearly 30 years on the scene with a brilliant, fully-realized first album as a leader. And though it's been a long time in coming, Nocturnal may be the most auspicious debut of the year.

Reflecting the influences of such potent bands and composers as Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Tribal Tech and the Zawinul Syndicate, as well as such guitaristic icons as John Scofield, Bill Frisell and Allan Holdsworth. Taylor's compelling album also stakes out strikingly original territory. From cinematic offerings like "Voices in my Head," the atmospheric "All of Us" and the dreamy soundscape "Recluse" to super-charged jams like "Ear to the Rail," "Know What I'm Saying," "Odd Hours" and the anthemic "Here to There," Nocturnal resonates with audacious energy and ideas. Taylor is ably supported on his maiden voyage by a stellar crew featuring drummers Gary Novak, Dave Weckl, Joel Rosenblatt and Kirk Covington, keyboardists George Whitty and Scott Kinsey, bassists Ric Fierabracci and Gary Haase, and saxophonist Steve Tavaglione.

It was back in 1981 that Taylor left the Berklee College of Music after three semesters to begin his professional career, and he's been gigging ever since. "Basically, I ran out of money," says Taylor of his brief stint at Berklee. "The plan was to go gig for a while, make some money and then go back to Berklee. I ended up gigging for 20 years or so and never got back to school. And since then I've done every gig imaginable, some of which were great experiences and some I 'd sooner forget, but you always learn something in every situation"

Over the years, Taylor has played on innumerable sessions as a sideman and even contributed his own compositions on some recordings. But he had never taken the time to put his own album together, until now. "I never thought of myself as a leader," says Taylor, "but I've been writing music since I was young in one way or another, composing is something that comes more natural to me in some ways than playing guitar I think. The last 10 years or so I have been trying to work more as a composer as well as in production , contributing tracks to TV shows, commercials, film and other musicians records along with doing quite a bit of mixing and remixing. I am a big fan of some of the newer electronica musicians out there like Prefuse 73, Squarepusher and Venetian Squares and that influence has definitely shown up in my music."

The composer acknowledges the track "Ear to the Rail" to such fusion juggernauts as Weather Report, The Zawinul Syndicate and Tribal Tech "All of those bands pushed the envelope compositionally and that had a big impact on my writing, particularly with Zawinul and Shorter and their use of through composing and global influences. Those groups always had their ear to the rail in regards to new sounds and directions. The title also refers to the impact these bands had in live performances, they just came on like a freight train, immensely powerful, they really pulled you into their music with that energy."

While tipping his hat to those influences on the track " Ear to the Rail," Taylor turns in some more personal statements on the stirring title track (imbued with his evocative slide guitar work), the evocative "Green Divided by Blue" (named for the composer's fascination with the Abstract Impressionist painter Mark Rothko) and the provocative "Bela" (which incorporates some samples from a Bela Lugosi film) "I try to tell the story through sound," he says of those vivid pieces.

A triumph from start to finish, Nocturnal is an impressive introduction to this new 50-year-old face on the creative instrumental music scene. - Bill Milkowski


SKU SKU25037
Track 1 Voices in My Head
Track 2 Ear to the Rail
Track 3 Nocturnal
Track 4 You Know What I am Saying
Track 5 Green Divided by Blue
Track 6 All of Us
Track 7 Bela
Track 8 Recluse
Track 9 Here to There
Track 10 Odd Hours
Price: $12.00


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Customer Reviews

Author: chris buck (
Chris Taylor is an extreme talent....Nocturnal consists of amazing production, writing and performance. Along with Chris's killer guitar playing, writing and production you hear musical conversation between some of the world's most fluent players....."Nocturnal" will knock you off your feet.

Author: Victor Rocha
Incredible production. Buy a new headphones for this aural masterpiece. You won't regret it. Chris drags jazz into the 21st Century with an amazing ear for texture & rhythm. I tell my friends it's World Industrial Jazz. I don't know if that's accurate but I do know it's fresh & new.

Author: Bruno BERNARD
Indeed an original piece of music. It works more towards textures and ambiances than melodies and solos. It\'s more achitectural than melodical or improvisational approach. Chris brings to the guitar a new original sound (yes it\'s still possible) somewhere in between Wayne Krantz and Scott Henderson.
If a better balance between so nice textures, and a bit lacks of melodies and solos would have been attained, I would have given 5 stars

Author: Marc Guillermont
Chris is a total unique, incredible composer and player.
This piece is A true story, a movie that doesn't need any screen.
We spoke so much about it Chris, now it's on the other side, where it belongs to...

Author: Dario BABET
Great musicians. Good music. Nevertheless I'm a little bit astonished and confused by this cd. I think it's too much oriented "world music" rather than jazz. Not enough solos and improvisations. Perhaps that Chris Taylor wanted to discover other types of music. I'm from the indian ocean and hear this kind of music since i was a child. So i'm a little bit deceived. I'll give 3 stars.

Author: Mike Jacobs
I am always excited when a player of obvious technical ability produces a collection of tunes that emphasizes depth and subtlety rather than "chopsmanship." I like that he has the confidence to make the listener dig a little to find the gold. In my listening experience It is these kind of albums that beg for more return visits than the much more common "Chopsapalooza" debut. A fine first release, but having said all that, I feel that Chris Taylor's best is yet to come.

Author: Brian Kahanek
Nocturnal is one of those records that the more you listen the more you discover.
Chris weaves in and out of seemingly endless tones and textures that swirl around each composition in all the right places. A great pair of headphones is a must to experience all the layers! He also proves that less is more while stepping outside the usual harmonic boxes. Only a musician with real depth and experience can pull that off.
What strikes me most is the fact that while Chris’s main voice is guitar, he never makes it the reason for the arrangement but the vehicle.
As for the supporting cast is doesn’t get any better. Each player brings the highest caliber of musicianship to the mix here. One of my favs being John Czajkowski that guests on baritone guitar – an instrument after my own heart.
The production is top notch with some kit and snare tones that will make you drool.
If you are looking for something off the musical beaten path that lands you right on the beach, do yourself a favor and buy this disc!

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