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AbstractLogix :: Artists :: In Stock :: Michael 'Atonal' Vick: Sound As Music Presents: ProNounced Triple-V (VVV)

Michael 'Atonal' Vick: Sound As Music Presents: ProNounced Triple-V (VVV)
Michael 'Atonal' Vick: Sound As Music Presents: ProNounced Triple-V (VVV) 

Michael Vick as VVV (extended/limited guitars/glissentar/fretless guitars/12-tup/24-tet basses/keys/ipads/percussionz/found objects/vocals); MonoNeon (basses, tracks 11, 16 & 18); Johnny Reinhard (bassoon & recorder, track 9); Ryan Shah (tabla, tracks 11, 12 & 19); Brad Catler (percussion, track 9); Geoff 'G5' Cormier (drums, tracks 10,15 & 23); Todd Campbell (drums, tracks 21 & 23); Siddharth Chaudhuri (vocals, track 19); Scott Hilton (vocals/SweetTooth, tracks 7 & 22); Steve Slang (1st track bed, track 10); KIDZPERCUSSIONZ (track 23)

Michael 'aTonal' Vick returns as VVV in his new release Sound As Music Presents: ProNounced Triple-V (VVV). Most of this recording features Vick playing all instruments & many found objects to create a unique sonic-palette, hence 'Sound As Music'.

"microtones are in the air, microtones are everywhere.
then why do most compose with 12 when an infinite
amount of pitches are constantly floating around?
go outside & listen with awareness to the beauty
of the natural world & frequencies that sing
to our subconscious. then compose without
a fixed-pitched instrument or 12 on the
brain & from there hear the harmonic
beauty that is you in the world &
communicating with the universe
or Just to a friend emphasizing the
consonance & dissonance with pure
harmony as your sonic-guide"

"I feel we're at a turning point where the fretless guitar is shedding its novelty status and becoming a viable instrument in its own right." - M. Vick in Guitar Player

"He plays fretted and fretless guitars, and sometimes his music takes a little getting used to." - PBS Guitar Show FRET NET

"Bizarre indeed......!" -

"This stuff is very foreign to the uninitiated & should be approached with a venturesome open mind." -

Copyright 2016

Track List

01.     Pron-Overtures Introd (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
02.     Fatkins-Limestone-Diet
03.     Fast-Forward-2blissy (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
04.     Mixed-Glories (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
05.     Sailing on Holes of Time (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
06.     Shift in Tonics (Nuur-Head)
07.     Flarvago (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
08.     Maylo-Semaney
09.     Kieran / Nomphe
10.     Glass*-Electric-Springboard
11.     Ginseng-Chances, Pt.1
12.     3rd-Ven a-Chargin'
13.     Ask Me.....
14.     Makonee-Roo9
15.     Lowen the Down
16.     43-Flowers Charming*-Highhalllow
17.     Sit on Top Near, That's Why, Pt. 2
18.     Rises Again Begin....... (Mn / Mv)
19.     Sassy-Compliances
20.     Inciting-Freedom to Realizations
21.     Waive over Tunnel-Bridges
22.     Pythagorian-Slangin'
23.     Pron-Closings Sauce


SKU SKU26464
Price: $12.00


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