Yves Nadeau

Yves Nadeau – A Remarkable Jazz Rock Masterpiece

Yves Nadeau
“Expression Tableaux��?

1) Rigodon
2) Joe’s Blues
3) Futur
4) Ensalada De Ritmos
5) Matavalse
6) Open String
7) Canto Para Odudua
8 ) What is This Thing Called Life
9) Avril
10) Logarythme
11) Reel Des Ouvriers

Luc Beaugrand – Piano & Fender Rhodes [2, 5, 8, 9, & 10] Paul Brochu – Drums
Andre Brunet – Violin & Feet Stomping [1 & 11] Alain Caron – Bass [2, 5, & 10] Mathieu Cormeir – Bass [1, 3,6,8,9, & 11] Guy Dubuc – Piano & B3 [1, 3, 6, & 11] Alain LaBrosse – Congas, Bongos, Percussion [except 1 & 11] Yves Nadeau – Guitars
Lazaro Rene – Voice [4 & 7] Jean-Pierre Zanella – Saxophones

Recorded in Montreal Canada, December 2002
Productions JODO 2003 #JODOCD001

Yves Nadeau

Yves Nadeau

Awesome, beautiful, creative, best describe this incredible Cd, and those are just the alphabetical accolades. Great music is timeless and this is one Cd that will always be great. There are so many reasons to like this music I don’t know where to begin. Every aspect of creativity is addressed with such success there is no weakness in this effort.

The cd packaging contains a message from Yves, inviting us on a musical journey with him and the path he chose for this journey is a multi-cultural and multi-talented joy. Musically speaking parts sound familiar, except in this case, Yves is able to focus elements that succeed where so many recordings that claim “diversity��? fail. We’ve all heard recordings that have a little of this and a little of that, and by the time we’re finished listening, we never want to hear it again. Not with this Cd!! Yves stays close to Jazz traditions and adds a spicy flavor, funky flavor, cultural flavor, some genuine Quebec folklore on two songs, and it all comes out as one solid performance. Yves has indeed developed his own style that is so strong, you never feel as though you want the music to stop. Every note is played to perfection, including the highly improvisational soloing. So many musicians have a tendency to boil over when they try to cook. Yves and the remarkable ensemble gathered here smoke for sure without the slightest hint of blaring or overplaying. Don’t misunderstand me they have chops to spare, and even do a little shredding, which if done right, can be quite entertaining as opposed to just “a bunch of really fast notes��?.

Overall, I can highly recommend this Cd to anyone looking for a taste of some energetic Jazz Rock and a good dose of quality composing for a lasting impression of a great recording!

…and yes, Alain Caron and Paul Brochu are both ex-Uzeb band mates.


Rick Calic

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