Month: December 2006

David Wright

Dajinosaurus should rouse interest for hardcore jazz-fusion aficionados

This trio undertaking should rouse some interest for hardcore jazz-fusion aficionados. Guitarist David Wright’s debut is a sprightly one. Indeed, fans of Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth and other guitar elitists should take note. Wright has absorbed the genre credibly, evidenced by these nineteen workouts. With in-the-pocket grooves, shifts in tempo and numerous improvisational jaunts, the trio ... »

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin in Monaco November 26, 2006

John McLaughlin and friends had a stunning performance in Monaco on November 26, 2006: There were four guitarists, two bassists and two drummers on stage. The player included Dominique diPiazza and Hadrien Feraud (bass), Eric Sempe, Louis Winsberg and Marc Guillermont (guitars). John McLaughlin performed Hi Jacked from Que Alegria with both Dominique diPiazza and Hadrien Feraud as well as Senor CS... »

Chris Poland

Interview with Ohm

I arrived at The Baked Potato (a legendary L.A. area jazz club) at 8:15 on Wednesday, November 23rd. It was the day before Thanksgiving, in addition to Pag’s birthday (he couldn’t understand how everyone knew, but it was posted in their online forum). I waited outside as the birthday boy went scouting for Kofi, and had the pleasure of talking with Chris in the meantime. By the time Kofi was presen... »

Michael Landau

Guitarist Michael Landau Interview

Michael Landau is one of the most important guitarists of this era. An ace studio sessionist, he has appeared in more records than we can count, in fact he has even lost track of it. James Taylor, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Seal just to name a few. An ace sideman he is constantly touring, most recently with James Taylor along with musical director and ace bassist Jimmy Johnson. Based out of Los A... »

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