Adam Holzman and Brave New World

Adam Holzman releases another Hall of Fame recording

Adam Holzman and Brave New World

Jazz Rocket Science

1) Superhero (6:05)
2) Life on Mars (5:54)
3) The Telltale Heart (5:11)
4) The Whole World is Everywhere (3:44)
5) Firewire (5:21)
6) Level 3 Intro: Airlock (1:14)
7) Level 3 Containment Suit (4:06)
8 ) Maria Rain (6:26)
9) Kadiddle Hopper (5:43)
10) Kryptonite (for Herbie) (7:02)
11) Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (4:33)

Adam Holzman: keyboards
Aaron Heick: sax
Freddy Cash Jr.: bass
Mitch Stein: guitar
Alan Burroughs: guitar
Alex Elena: drums

Adam Holzman and Brave New World

Adam Holzman and Brave New World

All songs by Adam Holzman except for
Superhero and Firewire by Adam Holzman, Alex Elena, and Mitch Stein The Whole World is Everywhere and Kadiddle Hopper by Adam Holzman and Alex Elena Miles Runs the Voodoo Down by Miles Davis

Nagel Heyer Records #2060
October 2005

Adam Holzman is Jazz Rock’s best kept secret (and hopefully that will change). The Funk Guru of Jazz Rock has once again, since making one of Jazz Rock’s all time best recordings In a Loud Way (1993) released another masterpiece that belongs in the Jazz Rock Hall of Fame.

While Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jan Hammer, and Joe Zawinul are the traditional Jazz Rock keyboard household names, Adam truly should be too. Since gaining international exposure when he joined the Miles Davis Band in 1985, Adam has consistently been the voice of the real Jazz Rock Funk, speaking in an intelligent, articulate, and tasteful musical language.

For the lucky few that know of his work and followed his career, Adam has quietly released some of the best music ever made . Unlike Herbie, Chick, and Joe, Adam never had the luxury of a big record label behind him and consequently has been mired on the obscurity of the genre itself.Shame on the music business!

Another way to say that is that Adam has been true to himself and the music, an attribute all too rare these days. Adam has never fallen into the typical pitfalls of so many other Jazz Rock musicians that ultimately helped diminish the significance of Jazz Rock over the years. His music can’t be categorized as traditional, too many notes, technically skillful but lacking feeling, yeah, he’s a great musician, but so what, it doesn’t do anything for me, ok, he’s got a lot of talent, but the compositions are boring, and all the rest of the negative Jazz Rock clichés.

Adam’s music by contrast, is extremely accessible without being blaring, avante garde, or smooth (the s word in Jazz Rock). Adam has listened and learned from the best musicians in the world to create his own unique style that, while unfortunately has not been prolific, is nonetheless of extreme significance and he should be recognized for what he is – one of the greatest musicians of our times. (That’s not too kiss ass, is it? It shouldn’t be – it’s the truth!).

Jazz Rocket Science is a seminole recording in every way and brings all of Adam’s skills as a composer, bandleader, and keyboard player into extreme focus. There isn’t a single moment of music on this recording that is disappointing or less than exceptional. In fact, I find it nearly
impossible to find a single flaw in any regard, except maybe the lack of major exposure it deserves. I like to describe Adam’s music as the sound of Tower of Power arranged by Miles Davis, and I can’t think of anyone else that comes close to that description. Certainly a compliment of the highest degree.

Jazz Rocket Science has it all. Fantastic musicianship that has the funk and the groove going in high gear, yet totally accessible. The compositions still amaze me, after dozens of listenings. Deep rich melodies, tasteful and stylish musical structure, highly skilled and perfectly played throughout by all the musicians on board. Every note is significant and bears up under close listening. There’s nothing wasted, no overplaying, and seems to be perfectly carved out of the harmony of the universe. I get the distinct feeling that this music is so incredible in its simplistic complexity that it reminds me of how the great artist Michelangelo responded when asked how he made his famous carving of David: I just chipped away what didn’t belong. Adam is a master at chipping away what doesn’t belong.

In summary, this new release by Adam Holzman is nothing short of perfect. By comparison to most of the Jazz Rock I’ve heard in the last five years, This is better!!!

Rick Calic

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