Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth, Alan Pasqua, Jimmy Haslip, Chad Wackerman, live May 23, 2007

Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Alan Pasqua (keyboards) Jimmy Haslip (bass), Chad Wackerman (drums) performed in Bergen, Norway on May 23, 2007. Very few guitarits have such a distinct sound as Allan Holdsworth´s – recognizable from only a few notes played.
Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth

During the concert his legato style of playing was impressive – as always. The set began around 11:30 PM – local time and was very well received. The band had an extremely good interaction and interplay.

Watching the DVD recorded at Yoshi´s – and comparing it with the live performance was interesting. The composition Looking glass e.g. in concert and on the DVD gave some nice insights concerning how improvised music develops continously.

Having had the opportunity to hear Mr. Holdsworth live some 15 years ago – it is easy to state that his music has both a timeless quality and is still progressing!

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