Tal Wilkenfeld

The prolific Tal Wilkenfeld steps it up with her sophomore album


Aussie musician and bassist Tal Wilkenfeld who made a burning debut with Transformation (featuring Wayne Krantz, Keith Carlock, Geoffrey Keezer) has just released her sophomore effort- Love Remains, a record that highlights her skills not only as an instrumentalist but also as a prolific singer-songwriter.

She made a big splash worldwide when she came out with her Sadowsky bass with Jeff Beck, at Eric Clapton’s Crossroad Guitar Festival . The film from that epic set was watched by millions of fans after.  Tal continued to play in Jeff’s band for a numbers of years along with appearances with Herbie Hancock, Mick Jagger, The Allman Brothers among others.On Love Remains released on March 15, Tal penned ten songs on this album.Also featured on this are  guitarist Blake Mills, keyboard players Benmont Tench (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) and Zac Rae, and drummer Jeremy Stacey (King Crimson).

Wilkenfeld tells , “A few years ago, I decided to name my album Love Remains. The ambiguity of that combination of words fascinated me—love that endures or the remnants of love, or both. Since my early teen years, I have been drawn to eastern teachings and the experience of ‘desirelessness.’ Ironically, I have desired to experience that state of non-duality, a theme that I explore repeatedly in this album. For instance, the lyric ‘I don’t wanna want you’ from the title track.


Love Remains is now available for your listening pleasure

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