Author: Snneha Saha

Dennis Chambers

Dennis Chambers

Any time there is a chance to see Dennis Chambers…….I?ll be there…..Put Dennis with Billy Sheehan and there is no telling what might happen. Then mix in one part B3, John Novello, and you get Niacin. Supporting their new album Time Crunch the band made a stop in the D.C. area and we decided to drop in and see some heavy-duty fusion. If you are not familiar with this trio you shou... »

Paul Hanson

Over the Top with Paul Hanson

Bassoonist Paul Hanson has taken the overlooked and rather snobbish labeled instrument to places never expected. He is leading the way for others to bring this ancient wood out of the orchestral background to stand front and center. Paul recently spoke to Abstract Logix about his career. AL: For new fans, tell a little bit about yourself and the bassoon. PH: I’m from Berkeley CA. I was born ... »

Wayne Krantz

Wayne Krantz Speaks

Guitarist Wayne Krantz cuts a wide swath. His anti-establishment view of music and the music business has him trying to develop new ways to create and market his sound. Currently he is working on some educational tools that he hopes to offer on his website. Krantz has performed with the likes of Billy Cobham and Michael Brecker and led his own bands as well. He spent some time talking to Abstract ... »

Garaj Mahal

Garaj Mahal Interview

AL: How was Garaj Mahal Formed? KE: A lot of coincidence. Basically, a few people in the bay area came up with this idea. The band KVHW fell apart, our drummer, Alan Hertz, was in KVHW, so he was looking for some other musicians to play with. Fareed’s name came up and some other musicians names came up. So it became this kind-of jam session. Then the jam session turned into a band and then t... »

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