Tomorrow’s Too Late

B. D. Lenz – Tomorrow’s Too Late

B. D. Lenz – electric & acoustic guitars
Bill Mobley – trumpet
Geoff Mattoon – sax & wind controller
James Rosocha – electric bass
Dave Edwards – upright bass
Tom Cottone – drums
Brendan Buckley – drums
Joe Mekler – percussions
Daniel Mintseris – piano & organ
Heather Bennett – piano
Mark Rufino – programming

Special Guests:
Randy Brecker – trumpet
Mark Egan – electric bass

1. One 11
2. As You Know
3. Never The Same
4. So Far So Good
5. Falling Up
6. Forgive And Forget
7. Damage Control
8. Cut And Paste
9. The Nature Of Things
10. Within Without
11. Song For Evan

Tomorrow’s Too Late

Tomorrow’s Too Late

I agree with the concept of “it’s all music and it shouldn’t be labeled��?. Well, most of the time I do. There are instances when the concept doesn’t work in actual practice. When writing reviews, having to compare, describe, or categorize music is a necessary evil.

Guitarist B. D. Lenz’s newest release Tomorrow’s Too Late is a solid effort featuring pleasant material, fine polished playing, and nice sound and production. Though the music is very good, this record leans closer to smooth jazz, not fusion – “not that there’s anything wrong with that��?.

Lenz puts the focus on his compositions and arrangements. His guitar playing complements the material rather than each tune acting as a showcase for his chops. The 11 songs presented on the CD range from light funk toe-tappers and melodic ballads, to low volume fusion-lite. While the writing and performances are of a high quality, the material just doesn’t generate any heat. The overall feel of the CD is cool and light – actually, it’s a little too light. A little more Larry Carltonesque overdrive on the guitar would have added weight (and some needed spark) to some of the pieces.

However, the lack of rapid-fire guitar riffs through a 200-watt stack shouldn’t deter you from giving good music a chance. Especially music you and your “what’s fusion?��? acquaintances can enjoy together. Playing “The Inner Mounting Flame��? while chillin’ with your lady might wreck the mood. On those occasions, the music on “Tomorrow’s Too Late��? will do just fine.


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