Bill Frisell Announces ‘Music IS,’ a New Solo Guitar Album

Bill Frisell Announces ‘Music IS,’ a New Solo Guitar Album


The ever-prolific Bill Frisell—a guitarist known for his impressive jazz, surf, fusion, roots, Americana and folk-jazz chops—has released a slew of albums in recent years, including 2014’s Guitar in the Space Age! and 2017’s Small Town. What he hasn’t done in a while, however, is release a full album of solo-guitar music.

Frisell has announced a new—truly solo—disc, Music IS, which will be released March 16 via OKeh/Sony Music Masterworks. It marks his first solo-guitar album since 2000’s Ghost Town.

“Playing solo is always a challenge,” Frisell says. “For me, music has all along been so much about playing with other people. Having a conversation. Call and response. Playing all by myself is a trip. I really have to change the way I think.

He tried to keep a light and spontaneous feeling when recording. There was no planned concept, but what materialized almost felt like an overview. The focus of Music Is is on the telling of musical stories from Frisell’s original and inimitable perspective: some of the interpretations being naked, exposed and truly solo, while others are more orchestrated through overdubbed layering and the use of his unparalleled approach to looping.

Recorded in August 2017 at Tucker Martine’s Flora Recording and Playback studio in Portland, Oregon, and produced by Lee Townsend, all of the compositions on Music Is were written by Frisell, some of them new—”Change in the Air,” “Thankful,” “What Do You Want,” “Miss You” and “Go Happy Lucky”—others solo adaptations of classic original compositions, such as “Ron Carter,” “Pretty Stars,” “Monica Jane” and “The Pioneers.” “In Line” and “Rambler” (here it below) are from Frisell’s first two ECM albums.

Available March 16th, 2018

1.  Pretty Stars
2.  Winslow Homer
3.  Change in the Air
4.  What Do You Want?
5.  Thankful
6.  Ron Carter
7.  Think About It
8.  In Line
9.  Rambler
10. The Pioneers
11. Monica Jane
12. Miss You
13. Go Happy Lucky
14. Kentucky Derby
15. Made to Shine

16. Rambler (Alternate Version)

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