Pots & Pans

Billy Kilson – better add him to the list of best drummers


Billy Kilson’s BK Groove
“POTS & PANS” (2006)

Pots & Pans

Pots & Pans

Billy Kilson – Drums
George Colligan – Keyboards
Kenny Davis – Bass
Mike Sim – Saxophone

Groovements (Tracks 1-4)
1) Call
2) Premier Jour
3) a Camelot
4) Prelude (Fuyu Hanabi)
5) Fuyu Hanabi (Inspired by Weather Report, the Jaco Years)
6) Rabbit Kat
7) Bibo No Aozora (Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto)
8) Guardian Soul
9) Aye (forever eternal love) (Composed by Kenny Davis)
10) Ji Ji
11) Leftside
12) Indiescission (Composed by Mike Sim)
13) Darkness Rising (Composed by George Colligan)
14) Nuevo “Dingwalle”

Arintha Star Records #185577000209
All compositions and arrangements by Billy Kilson, BK Groove except: where noted

Billy Kilson is one of the world’s elite drummers and his newest Cd “POTS & PANS” showcases his talent with a bold and dynamic statement. Billy has many strengths and on this recording his use of dynamics and ability to lay down that mighty groove exceed expectations. He also demonstrates speed, dexterity, and a delicate touch with great listening skills by being truly in tune with the moment. While the recording mix has him clearly front and center, I found it was not a distraction since he doesn’t overplay. In fact, one of this recording’s highlights is that you can hear everything he does, thankfully! The cover art seems to indicate that Billy began playing as many drummers (including myself) by banging on the family pots and pans. While most gave it up, it’s obvious Billy kept banging and now he’s one of the very best drummers on the planet.

The BK Groove band is perfectly matched with Billy for this recording. No mistakes here and lot’s of great intuitive contributions. There are some great compositions that are played flawlessly right next to some really tight improvisations. What I especially enjoyed is that no one dominated the sessions and the group plays as one unit throughout the recording. These guys are talented, really “together”, and support each other from beginning to end.

Regarding the style of music here, the song titles give you a big clue to the combination of urban and international appeal. The overall feel is Jazz/Funk/Fusion but it also has a much wider appeal. Now, if you can figure out what that means, you’ve got something. I can’t pin down the style to one particular genre and I feel that’s one of the recording’s strong points. Most Cd’s that try to have a little bit of everything usually ended up sounding like a lot of nothing. Not here, and that’s good for us fans, but hard if you’re trying to give the music a name or to put a label on it. There’s just too many ways to enjoy it or narrow down the style and pigeon hole it.

Overall, this new recording from Billy Kilson and BK Groove is a joy to listen to casually as well as scrutinize note by note. I would highly recommend it to drummers without hesitation, and to any instrumental music fans that appreciate great playing by talented musicians. I should also add that while I’m a Jazz Rock fan from it’s hey day in the late 60’s and especially early 70’s, Jazz Rockers looking for a typical shred fest will be disappointed, and that’s ok!


Rick Calic

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