Chuba Aomori Interview: Asian Heat Rising


Davie: Hello Chuba. Welcome. How did you come to start playing the guitar and who were your influences?

Chuba: It all started when i was a kid. My dad loved to play on his acoustic a lot. I picked up really basic stuff at the age of 8 from him. It kicked off for me when i first saw Kiss live on Tv. That’s when i knew i really wanted to get into rock music. I love ochestral music, that would be my dad’s influence that rubbed off on me. But it would mostly be Van Halen, Hendrix, Rhandy Rhoads, Zakk, and Mrak Tremonti.

Davie: Have You Ever Taken Formal Lessons? i.e. Music school, or lessons as a kid?

Chuba: I still take lessons. You should never stop learning.

Davie: Have you ever thought of doing a full on orchestral record?

Chuba: (Laughs) Not really. If i did that, that would get boring. I like to keep things fresh and do different styles.

Davie: Your Ep Broken is doing really well, well I think so. How do you come up with all that new music?

Chuba: Thanks. I’m always playing the guitar. But writing and composing is a collective effort between my band mates and me. Most of the lyrics are written by my drummer, Rueban. Overall, we just put our minds to it and play. Glad you like it.

Davie: One of my Favourite tracks from the Ep is Shattered. I always love that electronic/heavy/shred thing. Were you ever tempted to do a full out shred neo classical thing?

Chuba: Not really. I like playing heavy. But neo-classical sounds too 80’s to me. But you will never know what will show up on the next record (Laughs).

Davie: You use an ESP Vintage guitar. How did this come about?

Chuba: I love the Vintage series of ESP a lot and i also do like the Gibson lespauls and the old 70s flying V’s. The Vintage series are built tough. The money is an investment. These guitars will not always be there.

Davie: Back to the Ep. What does the cover art signify?

Chuba: Its very easy to understand if you take a closer look. The message conveyed is pretty direct. The idea of the cover was put forward by my drummer. The angel stands for truth and innocence. The reason of the bleeding angel signifies a negative state relevant to emotions. Every song in the Ep has a cross link with the cover art.

Davie: Do you play much acoustic music? Any plans on a full acoustic record?

Chuba: I do, I love the acoustic guitar. I like to keep things fresh. Perhaps the next record will have a Dobro peice.

Davie: I hear you’re a huge Mark Tremonti fan. Have you met Mr.Tremonti? Would you jam with him?

Chuba: Yeah i love Mark Tremonti. No i have’nt met him in person. But i would love to jam with him. I love most of his works with Alter Bridge like Find it real, Metalingus, Open your eyes, Down to my last and Watch your words!!!!

Davie: Any advice for guitarists?

Chuba: If you want to make it big. Move to a place with and active music scene and practice your ass off.

Davie: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Chuba: Anytime!

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