David Wright

Dajinosaurus, Fans of Allan Holdsworth and Bill Connors will love this cd.

Dajinosaurus, the debut album by guitarist David Wright. Fans of Allan Holdsworth and Bill Connors will love this cd.
David Wright

David Wright

David is accompanied by Nob Kinukawa on bass and Jim Bove on drums.

There are nineteen songs on this fine CD. The picks include Falls Dance,
Early Phrase, Tears For Friends, GC, Chess, Bedtime Bridges, and This Two
This Two. Each song in this eclectic collection is sure to please the jazz
fusion listening audience. There is definitely something for everybody in
this imaginative collection!

Each track gives a different approach to a fusion theme, then develops it
nicely into a full-fledged color photograph filled with sparkling musical
details. Now I got scared with the opening track Time Constraint. It’s not
bad but it flies all over the room without too much structure and it scared
the hell out of me. I could put my fears at ease when the second track

David Wright performs with verve, and in this unique collection, his mastery
of the guitar is apparent. His music has feeling, and it is reflected in
his guitar work. At all times, the listener is aware of his great talent
and his love of guitar.

For a fusion guitarist with an eclectic style, give David Wright a listen.
You won’t be disappointed, but delighted with this man’s intriguing and
enjoyable performances. Very nice!

– http://metalhaven.livejournal.com

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