David Wright

Dajinosaurus should rouse interest for hardcore jazz-fusion aficionados


This trio undertaking should rouse some interest for hardcore jazz-fusion aficionados.

David Wright

David Wright

Guitarist David Wright’s debut is a sprightly one. Indeed, fans of Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth and other guitar elitists should take note.

Wright has absorbed the genre credibly, evidenced by these nineteen workouts. With in-the-pocket grooves, shifts in tempo and numerous improvisational jaunts, the trio performs with vim, vigor and monster chops. Wright inflicts some hurt on his electric and Midi-guitars via brisk, legato phrasings and ascending single-note flurries. He employs distortion, odd-tunings and jazzy chord voicings to augment his attack. Wright and his band-mates deliver an action-packed, yet not overbearing string of events. It all flows rather well.

– Glenn Astarita, New & Noteworthy

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