Dreadnaught's Fearless Journey

Dreadnaught’s Fearless Journey


High Heat and Chin Music: 10 Years of Dreadnught

Red Fez Records, 2007

Dreadnaught's Fearless Journey

Dreadnaught’s Fearless Journey

Ok, so prog is supposed to be rather long pieces of music with occasionally unfathomable passages that boggle the mind and upset the natural order of song-making, redefining the scope of rock and incorporating at least the principles of classical composition.

So, what do you with a band like Dreadnaught? Ummm…

You listen, that’s what! Dreadnaught are a collusion of micro-tastes exploding into a miasmic, euphoric orgasm of musical joy. High Heat and Chin Music spans their 10 year odyssey into musical exploration. Not for the faint of heart or the too serious, Dreadnaught present the experimental while never avoiding the mundane. “One of my current obsessions is television theme music,” quips Dreadnaught member Bob Lord. The trio press against the glass of every form of music available to challenge the darker, murkier recesses of music and uncover statements boldly unique and savagely unorthodox.

As the house band for an East Coast Public Television show centered on writers, Dreadnaught perform with a mind for the avant-garde while affording the listener an occasional glimpse into pop sensibilities. Mixing humour with sincere melancholia, flagrantly thrashing at the chords of constraint, and creating sonic moments at once memorable and catchy, Dreadnaught forge a path few bands have gone down and maintained for longer than a couple of years.

The majority of cuts on this compilation are very short, ranging between a little over a minute to just over 5 and half minutes. While flying in the face of what is considered “genuine prog” (whatever the hell that is), Dreadnaught are pioneers of their own frontier in progressive music. Songs like “Three Things” do not relent their assault on your psyche. Devoted to including frames of references that expand the otherwise-predictable machinations of a standard song structure, the cuts “Jones Thresher Industries” and “Bunnaschidt” confirm Dreadnaught as a well-kept secret, a secret that will hopefully become exposed.

With 28 cuts on a two discs, a review of each and every song would be Homeric. So, how do you get to know more about Dreadnaught?

Yeah, that’s right… Listen.

High Heat and Chin Music is an adventure and will take you through a fantastic study of three of the most eclectic musical minds in prog today. Buy their CD and listen… fearlessly.

Rating: 9/10

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