Prashant Aswani - Revelation

Fully Loaded will blow your ears off


Prashant Aswani
Revelation: Fully Loaded

1) Seven
2) Seclusion
3) 65 Pushups
4) Nevin on the Terrace
5) Led Boots
6) Blizzard
7) Hiding Under the Covers
8 ) Data
9) Full Throttle
10) Switch
11) Rugburn
12) DV8

Prashant Aswani – guitars
Bass – Alex Evens
Drums – Joey Heredia

Special Guest/Producer/Engineer – Greg Howe (tracks 1-9)

Prashant Aswani - Revelation

Prashant Aswani – Revelation

Power Trio, in the classic sense, is the first thing that comes to mind with the opening notes of this great Cd. More on the rock side than jazz, yet all fusion fans will enjoy this great musician and music on Revelation. Long time fusion fans may remember Joey Heredia’s great drumming from his stint with Tribal Tech and his many other solo projects. But there’s a lot more going on in this collection of all original tunes, with the exceptions of a contribution from highly acclaimed musician Greg Howe, wearing a few hats as player/producer/engineer, and the classic Max Middleton song ‘Led Boots’. What’s goin on? Prashant Aswani is what’s going on! If you’ve never heard this guitarist, you’re in for a real treat. He seems to have it all, shred, soul, sound, speed, style, subtlety, and those are just the “S’s”.

For myself, being a more Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul oriented fusion fan than most, and preferring a jazzier groove to the fusion sound, still found the music on Revelation a pleasure to listen to. Repeated listening kept bringing the enjoyment level up a notch as well. Prashant himself is simply a captivating guitarist with technique and taste to please the most demanding listener. The compositions lend themselves perfectly to the overall cohesion of the great players here, and have enough style to keep you interested from beginning to end.

Trying to describe the music here is not easy. I would guestimate that modern fusion with heavy rock influence comes closest to what I could explain. Having said that, I can’t limit the appreciation music fans would have with Revelation to that description alone. There’s just too much good stuff going on here to try and pigeon hole the music. In fact, using the word fusion is probably not doing the music justice. Any guitar fan that appreciates the G3 sound absolutely needs to hear Prashant as well, so I’m at a complete loss to say what the music should be called. Yet, anyone that enjoys music that falls under the fusion umbrella such as Planet X, Niacin, Cab, along with other any great guitar ‘shredder’ will love this recording.

Prashant Aswani is one dynamite guitarist and Revelation is a mind blowing display of Prashant in every respect. On a scale of one to five, I’d have to give this a 4.5 (taking a half point off for my personal preference to the more jazz oriented ‘fusion groove factor’ – that still remains a mystery sound recognized and appreciated by a small but devoted group of fusion fans).

As many of you know from reading my past reviews, I don’t provide a song by song description of the music and prefer to concentrate on the overall ‘project’. This approach was originally due to my growing appreciation for the change in the non-mainstream music business moving away from the Cd concept and focusing on the much wider variety of avenues now open to artists that utilize their own marketing strategies and take full advantages of the Internet in general as the new market place. This approach (in my mind) is still valid, however, there has been a shift in my schedule that severely limits my ability to devote the necessary time required to write more reviews. Therefore, any review I choose to write is driven by extremes, whether good or bad. In this case, it’s clearly good. I hope to hear a lot more music from Prashant and highly recommend this recording.


Rick Calic
Jazz Rock World

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