Gary Husband

Gary Husband launches new Drum videocast series


Drummer Extraordinaire Gary Husband (Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce, Level 42) is launching videocasts, the first set of which he’ll be releasing today.

The videocasts will tackle a broad and diverse range of topics and hopefully you will find some amongst them that will be of interest to you. It was very important for Gary to make them both packed with content as well as affordable and not to tie people into a financial commitment via a monthly subscription. So each tutorial will typically be 30 to 40 minutes in length and will cost £8 (which works out about 9€ or US$10). Many come bundled with downloadable drum-less track play-alongs, drum charts and links to inspirational online content such as YouTube footage.

Gary is also setting up a rewards programme so, after accessing 10 videocasts over any period of time, you can join his online club with a members-only forum that Gary will take an active role in. Gary has just posted a video on YouTube in which he talks in more detail about the videocasts and performs a version of his much-loved track “Sulley”. Click on the video link below to view.

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