Gary Husband - A Meeting of Spirits

Gary Husband – A Meeting of Spirits


Gary Husband is no ordinary musician. An amazing drummer (Allan Holdsworth, Steve Topping, Level 42), his virtuosic approach to piano can be heard in double DVD Release Force Majeure as well as his last solo piano record, The Things I See ( A tribute to the music of Allan Holdsworth).

Gary Husband - A Meeting of Spirits

Gary Husband – A Meeting of Spirits

Gary pays his tribute to John in an adventurous approach as all the solos on this recording has been done at first take. Gary’s vision was to keep the improvisational solo passages inspired and in the moment. The piece, Joyful ( Shakti) was approached from a Thelonius Monk vibe, a bluesy jazz approach that really stands out for me on this record.

Gary tries to cover a wide area of John’s music- “It’s Funny,” ( Extrapolation) to the hyperactive Jazz Jungle (The Promise). On the Mahavishnu classic Celestial Terrestrial Commuters, Gary’s intense and upbeat piano parts is augmented by tapping on the piano body, an approach that is sonically appealing.

A Meeting of the Spirits is overall an oustanding acheivement that celebrates great compositions by John McLaughlin in a way that has never been done before and it stands out as one of the highlights of Gary Husband’s illustrious discography. You can also check out Gary Husband on John McLaughlin’s latest venture, Industrial Zen.


1. Spirits Opening (J. McLaughlin)
2. A Meeting Of Spirits (G. Husband)
3. It’s Funny (J. McLaughlin)
4. Lotus Feet Reflections (G. Husband)
5. Celestial Terrestrial Commuters(J.McLaughlin)
6. Lotus Feet (Reprise) (J. McLaughlin)
7. Earth Bound Hearts (J. McLaughlin)
8. Development and Closing (G. Husband)
9. Jazz Jungle (Excerpt) (J. McLaughlin)
10.Maya Prologue (G. Husband)
11.The Dance Of Maya (J. McLaughlin) (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
12. Alap (G. Husband)
13. Are You The One? (J. McLaughlin) (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
14 Vision Is A Naked Sword (J. McLaughlin)
15 Joyful (G. Husband) (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
16 Song For My Mother (J. McLaughlin)
Released by Alternity Records.

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