Guitar Summit, Monte Carlo

Guitar Summit, Monte Carlo, November 24, 2011


John McLaughlin, Philipe Catherine, Sylvain Luc, Mike Stern, Bireli Lagrene, Richard Bona, Dede Ceccareli, Dennis Chambers and Joey DeFrancesco had an all-star performance in Monte Carlo, Monaco on November 24, 2011. This was actually the first time in many years that The Free Spirits, McLaughlin, deFrancesco, Chambers were re-united playing Little Miss Valley together. Bireli Lagrene and Sylvain Luc played from their Duets album. The band with five guitarists covered a lot of territory including Round Midnight, In A Silent Way/It´s About That Time and Jean-Pierre as a tribute to Miles Davis. Mike Stern quoted from Third Stone From The Sun during his solo and the group played some phrases from Deep Purple´s Smoke On The Water during Jean-Pierre. At the end of the concert Sylvain Luc and Bireli Lagrene switched guitars going for a more distorted tone.

Guitar Summit, Monte Carlo

Guitar Summit, Monte Carlo

Sylvain Luc – as usual – was a master when it comes to harmonics on his Godin guitar. Richard Bona sang accompanined by Sylvain Luc in a very lyrical way. Mike Stern – humerous as always -played very funky. Dennis Chambers and Dede Ceccareli played very nicely together. Joey deFrancesco doubled on organ and trumpet. John McLaughlin played his signature Godin guitar most energetically and did much of the introduction. The concert lasted for a couple of hours and was a very positive experience indeed.

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