Guitarist Oz Noy goes another direction with Ozone Squeeze and great songs

Guitarist Oz Noy goes another direction with Ozone Squeeze and great songs


What happens musically with an  unconventional yet a stellar meeting of the minds with the super talented Australian singer and keyboardist Rai Thistlethwayte (Knower, Thirsty Merc) , New York’s very own electric Jazz-Blues plectorist Oz Noy and Atlanta based drummer Darren Stanley ( Col.Bruce Hampton, Jimmy Herring) ?
Its called Ozone Squeeze and is one of music’s hottest new bands today that encompasses all the jazz, blues, rock and pop background that these guys brings to the table. Oz Noy, probably the most well known among them all, having made an profound presence  in the world of guitar, jazz and blues who has toured or recorded with Eric Johnson, Warren Haynes, John Medeski, Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock, Will Lee, Fred Wesley, Randy Brecker and so many others.

Ozone Squeeze on Tour
Ticket information 

Sep 12, Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, PA
Sep 15, One 2 One, Austin, TX
Sep 16, Jammin Java, Vienna VA
Sep 17, The Bitter End, New York, NY
Sep 19, Third and Lindsley, Nashville, TN
Sep 21, Catalinas Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, CA
Sep 22, Catalinas Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, CA

Ozone Squeeze, L-R:
Oz Noy, Rai Thistlethwayte, Darren Stanley

But on this outing Oz Noy takes a different musical approach based around great songs and compositions. We caught up with Oz Noy as he gets ready for this touring hitting major markets- New York, Washington DC, Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Abstract Logix: There is a certain feeling of fun and funk and still great playing in your new project “Ozone Squeeze”, how did it happen

Oz Noy: I call this band my Pop Jam-band, the idea was to get great songs, whether is original Rai songs or covers and put the Ozone Squeeze sound on it and able to open them up to improvisation and some sections.

AL: The songs itself seem to be a focus in this project ? Was that the idea ?

OZ: Yes, that was the idea of this project, to have it be song oriented band but still with great playing and some space for improvisation.

AL:  “Rai Thistlethwayte is a absolute revelation to American audience , how did you hook up with him ?

OZ: He’s amazing! i found him on youtube. i was actually looking at the some drumer videos and stumble on his video recording in the studio with Matt Chamberlin & Victor Indrizzo, i was blown away.

AL: How did you connect with Darren Stanley, He is one of the hottest young drummer from Col.Bruce Hampton school of music .

OZ: Souvik from Abstract logix turned me onto him, i watched a few YouTube videos and really liked his playing. he’s awesome!

AL: How do you adapt to this format of Ozone Squeeze in comparison to your trio with more traditional jazz-fusion musicians ?
OZ: Its more about playing to the actual song and supporting the song & singer but once it time to open up and solo i can really go where ever i want with it. i would say tho, i’m trying to keep my playing more in the box to support the songs .

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