Art Metal Trio

The Hellborg Group “art metal trio”


Saturday night i had the privilege of seeing the the hellborg group Performing Live in the p60 Amstelveen.For me it had been a 2 year wait after seeing Jonas and Shawn Lane in The Haague together with the Vinayakram brothers.The wait was well worth it,i had previously not heard much about Mattias Eklundh or Zoltan Csörsz but wow what fine musicans the symmetry within the group was phenomenal.
Kicking the show off with aga of the ladies from the album good people in times of evil any resevations i had of a worthy replacement of Shawn lane were well put to rest.By the time The group rocked into Death that sleeps in them, from hellborgs collaboration with michael schrieve and buckethead Octave of the Holy Innocents i had my self asking can it get any better.Hellborg was just ridculously good on his new black custom Warwick,melodically carving impossible chops off the giant bass.

Art Metal Trio

Art Metal Trio

This is a group of the highest order anyone with half a chance to see them must jump at the chance.
Cant wait to hear the new album.
Chris mansfield

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