Live Under The Sky

Herbie Hancock – V.S.O.P. – Live Under The Sky


V.S.O.P The Quintet – Live Under The Sky

Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet)
Herbie Hancock (Piano)
Wayne Shorter (Tenor & Soprano Sax)
Ron Carter (Bass)
Tony Williams (Drums)


Disc 1
Opening (:47)
Eye of the Hurricane* ((7:48)
Tear Drop (Master Take) (10:34)
Domo (Master Take) (12:35)
Para Oriente (Master Take) (7:28)
Pee Wee (Master Take) (8:13)
One Of Another Kind (Master Take) (20:49)
Fragile (Master Take) (9:41)
Recorded July 26, 1979

Disc 2
Opening* (:23)
Eye Of The Hurricane* (11:26)
Tear Drop* (9:13)
Domo* (11:42)
Para Oriente* (6:51)
Pee Wee* (6:51)
One Of Another Kind* (14:45)
Fragile* (8:32)
Stella By Starlight* (Master Take) (4:46)
On Green Dolphin Street* (Master Take) (2:17)
Recorded July 27, 1979

*Are previously unreleased recordings
The July 26, 1979 performance has been restored to it’s original sequential order of performance and includes the previously unreleased Eye of the Hurricane

Original Release (Japan Only) 1980 CBS/Sony 12C36770 Digital Recording
Produced by David Rubinson
Recorded Live at the Denen Coloseum, Tokyo on July 26, 1979

2004 Release Produced by David Rubinson and Bob Beldon
24-bit Remastered
New Liner notes by Herbie Hancock and Bob Beldon (thanks so much Bob!)
Recorded Live at the Denen Coloseum, Tokyo on July 26 and July 27, 1977

According to the liner notes on the original release, these concerts were among the first to be recorded digitally. Also, the pouring rain during the concert could not keep the highly charged spirits of the Japanese audience of 10,000 fans from enjoying each note played by these Master Musicians. The energy of the fans clearly affected the musicians and the performances here are stellar. Bob Beldon’s liner notes provide tremendous insight into the history behind V.S.O.P. including the “blow-by-blow��? descriptions of the songs from these historic recordings. He also provides compelling reading about the music industry at that time.

Live Under The Sky

Live Under The Sky

The music style here is what might be called “traditional Jazz��? or “acoustic Jazz,��? and at the time of these recordings, many were crying “foul��? because the solo careers of these musicians was anything but traditional, after leaving Miles. However, V.S.O.P. is made up of the cream of the crop, and with 10,000 Japanese fans screaming them on, they delivered a performance very worthy of being released to American audiences for the first time.

It may be significant to note (as some of you reading this might not know), that fans and critics alike have voted each one of the five members of this amazing quintet, to be the number one musician in their respective instrument categories many times. In addition to being considered the best of the best, they have worked together many, many times over the years and are completely comfortable and intuitive playing together.

I am completely at a loss to offer any criticism regarding this recording. While some may question the song list, or the fact that the same songs are played on both discs, just look at the band playing them. Not only are the musicians here unequaled by any contemporary acoustic peer, these guys wanted to play together. All of them put their successful solo careers on hold just play together again. Remember, their first big tour was in 1977, and included stops in the USA. I was fortunate to see them perform at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. Remember also, these guys are the musical legends of our times and they are captured on this recording at the peak of their skills.

V.S.O.P. The Quintet is a special group of musicians making a special piece of musical history that belongs on a special pedestal and revered for the special gifts these talented musicians shared with the world. (The key word here is special…) But seriously, if you are a fan of Jazz in any of it’s diverse forms, this Cd is a must have for your collection. Don’t forget, it sat in CBS/Sony’s vault for 25 years before they gave the ok to release it in the States. Who knows how long it will remain in print. Get it now, before it’s gone.

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