Horacee Arnold: Tales of the Exonerated Flea

Horacee Arnold: Tales of the Exonerated Flea


Horacee Arnold: Tales of the Exonerated Flea

Horacee Arnold (drums, timps [sic], percussion)
Jan Hammer (piano, electric piano, Moog synthesizer)
John Abercrombie (electric guitar)
Ralph Towner (12-string guitar)
Rick Laird (bass guitar)
Dom Um Romao (percussion)
Sonny Fortune (flute, soprano saxophone)
Art Webb (flute, alto flute)
David Friedman (vibes, bass marimba)
George Mraz and Clint Houston (basses)
David Earl Johnson (percussion and congas)

Original Credits:
Columbia Records #KC 32869
Executive Producer: John Hammond
Produced by: Horacee Arnold
Cover design: Ed Lee
Photographer: Don Hunstein
Drums provided by Gretsch Drum Co. and Billy Cobham
Original recording and release date: © 1974

“I would especially like to thank Jan Hammer for his innate musical perception and outstanding contributions, as well as special Acknowledgement to Dom Um Romao from Weather Report, Rick Laird from Mahavishnu Orchestra, Ralph Towner, Art Webb, David Friedman, Dave Johnson, Sonny Fortune, and John Abercrombie��?
By Horacee Arnold

Puppett of the Seasons (4:30)
Sing Nightjar (11:07)
Benzele Windows (6:53)
Tales of the Exonerated Flea (3:43)
Delicate Evasions (4:28)
Chinnereth II (8:05)
Euroaquilo Silence* (5:41)

All compositions by Horacee Arnold, except
*Horacee Arnold and Jan Hammer

The performance:

The music on this recording is as timeless as the instruments they use. Finally, the Horacee Arnold Jazz Rock Fusion treasure that disappeared for 30 years is at long last available again. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I can write an unbiased review of the music because this recording has been so close to my heart since the first minute I heard it back in 1974. Hearing it again simply brings to mind the potential that Jazz Rock Fusion had before it became a musical commodity.��? The music here is without pretense and comes from the spiritual heart of the musicians involved in this magnificent recording. The players are at the peak of their game and their unified performance is nothing short of spectacular. Individually, Jan Hammer, John Abercrombie, and Sonny Fortune solo with incredible passion. Horacee Arnold and Rick Laird on the other hand supply the perfect backbone to the lush musical landscape from beginning to end.

Horacee Arnold: Tales of the Exonerated Flea

Horacee Arnold: Tales of the Exonerated Flea

This recording is all about Polyrhythm. Drummer Peter Magadini’s Polyrhythm with George Duke, Don Menza, and Dave Young, also originally released around the same time (a great recording in it’s own right), has a dry, sparse, and forced feel to it. Tales, by comparison, is a rich luxurious jungle of rhythms that sounds fresh, alive, and full of energy. It’s nearly impossible to follow the bass lines and drum patterns on this recording without getting lost in the overall sound created by the great compositions of Horacee Arnold. If there was ever a recording that helped define Jazz Rock Fusion that DIDN’T come from Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, or Chick Corea, this is it! A true Jazz Rock Fusion treasure has been released from the time capsule. Don’t pass up the opportunity to own it!

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