Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat

Jimmy Herring presents Lifeboat


Warren Haynes once introduced Jimmy Herring as one of the finest guitar players in the world and in many musical circles that’s the gospel truth. His resume reads like a who’s who of rock and roll including several stints with Phil Lesh, The Dead, Widespread Panic, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jazz is Dead and many more… For many, the addition of Herring to a band often means unleashing a guitar wild man onto the scene, like a hungry lion which is sprung loose upon a field of gazelles. He is most famous for his take-no-prisoners guitar assault as he incorporates bop lines over rock chords with grace and ease.

Jimmy Herring - Lifeboat

Jimmy Herring – Lifeboat

With the release of his first solo release, Lifeboat, Herring has taken center stage and seized the spotlight as he so rightfully deserves. The first track, Scapegoat Blues, starts off in typical Herring fashion, a raunchy blues-infused track which just screams guitar god. After the wild opener, the album diverts from your typical rock and roll format and treats the listener to a wide variety of sounds and styles and offers a glimpse into the eclectic musical soul of Herring like never before. The disk is mainly comprised of Herring originals, but also features a rendition of the jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorters’ ‘Lost’ as well as a stunning reading of Disney’s Jungle Book Overture!

Jimmy’s playing has a very subtle feel and feels more focused than ever before. An album full of tasteful guitar galore, which makes it very accessible for fans of almost any guitar-dominated genre.

For those familiar with his previous work, this disk should be an automatic purchase and for those interested in a melting pot of blues, rock, bop, and soul give it a try. The worst thing that can happen is you have an extra present for one of your jamband loving hippie friends during the upcoming Holidays!

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