John McLaughlin – Industrial Zen

John McLaughlin: Industrial Zen [2006]

Industrial Zen ~ John McLaughlin 2006
John McLaughlin – Industrial Zen

John McLaughlin – Industrial Zen

So what happens when jazz fusion marinates, absorbs, and is recreated after struggling for air in a wild soup of over three decades of of music evolution? You open the kettle of some warmed-over, bitches brew, and out leaps Industrial Zen by McLaughlin. My first thought upon hearing this CD was celebration! I then heard and felt a rejoicing, a confidence, a thanksgiving, and a remembrance — that all that great jazz zest & rock and roll electric mayhem &
vitality inherent in its FUSION is still more than vibrant. Industrial Zen boasts, laughs, and dances at the fingertips of McLaughlin and
an over-the-top, line-up of stellar guests at this fusion reunion get together. Relive the 70s, 80s, 90s and breathe in the freshness of the 21st century colliding and melding beatifully into one Industrial Zen. Taste some Mahavishnu Orchestra in its three incarnations 70s thru 80s, savor Shakti, hear McLaughlin’s early solo era works, and even note some Weather Report nods. Wow!
This is way, way cool fun!

~ John W. Patterson of JazzRock-Radio.com & EER-Music.com

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