Ken Talve

Ken Talve discusses his album Out of The Blue

Ken Talve’s second album is called Out of the Blue. This 2 disc album offers all original material mixng jazz, rock, and blues. The power trio’s agressive album is harmonically rich, holds catchy melodies, and is a must for any guitarist. Below Ken Talve talks a bit about his new album, and about himself as a player. Be sure to check out Ken’s new album, Out of the Blue.
Ken Talve

Ken Talve

ABLX: Out of the Blue is a double disc album featuring thirteen songs. Did you go into the studio with all thirteen songs written, or was there a fair amount of improvisation and composition in the studio?

Ken Talve: All the tunes were written ahead of time.  However, there was plenty of room for improvisation on the solo sections. The tunes are wide-open for that — especially on our live gigs.  For the recording, we kind of had to keep a lid on it or this album could have turned into a triple CD set.

ABLX: You state on your site, [Out of the Blue] is musically a departure from my first album. The music is more aggressive with strong elements of Jazz and Rock.  What inspired this departure into the heavier sound we hear on this record?

KT: Yes, Out of the Blue is definitely more aggressive than my last record Across the Board.  In Across the Board, the music was centered more around sax and keyboards.  It had its vibe and that was great!  It was what I had hoped to achieve while composing the music for that record.  In Out of the Blue, the musical approach was trio.  The trio format, as you know, requires the guitar to cover a lot of space.  While composing the music for this record, the tunes seem to lend themselves to more of an aggressive sound.  I guess I had power trio in mind while composing them. I guess I had Cream in the back of my mind.  When rehearsing with Chris and Anthony, the vibe just came together. They’re both great musicians and intuitively knew what to play.

ABLX: Who do you cite as some of your musical influences?
KT: For me it all started with The BeatlesCream, Hendrix, and The Allman Brothers.  Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Dixie Dregs were all influences on me as well.  I studied for many years with guitarist Billy Bauer.  Billy was a great player, teacher, and a wonderful human being.  It was Billy who turned me on to so many of the jazz greats like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Tal Farlow, and Wes Montgomery.  Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, and John Scofield also impacted my playing and music a great deal.  I was drawn to them not only because they are great players, but they are  amazing composers as well.
ABLX: What songs on the album stand out as some you are most proud of?


KT: There is a lot to choose from so it’s kind of tough.  But, off the top I would say Out of the Blue, Night of White, and Hunky Dory.  Which Way Out?, and Green’s Blues were recorded at a later session.  I felt they were both strong tunes and needed to be on the record.  So, I guess  those are the tunes I am most proud of.
ABLX: Your album boasts all original material. Would you ever consider arranging a cover to demonstrate your musical view and style of a piece?

KT: Absolutely!  I would like to do that at some point. It’s just a question of finding the right tune that would fit in with the rest of the material. Actually, I do an arrangement of I Shot the Sheriff.  We used to play it occasionally on gigs a few years ago. After which, I’ve had people come over to me and ask Hey what was the name of that reggae tune you just played?  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Too funny!

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