Listen to Oz Noy’s Conversation with Shane Theriot

Listen to Oz Noy’s Conversation with Shane Theriot


Guitarist Shane Theriot‘s guest on the latest episode of his podcast Riff Raff, Episode 22 is Abstract Logix artist Oz Noy. One of the most accomplished guitarists out there on the scene today, Oz has it all- amazing chops, vocabulary, technique, all delivered with touch, soul and tone. His 9 solo records capture all of this and, if that’s not enough there’s more; he uses the best rhythm sections in the world, surrounding himself with drummers including Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock, Anton Fig and bassists Will Lee, James Genus and Jimmy Haslip. As you’ll hear in the podcast, touring all over the world with his own music isn’t what he originally set out to do, but it’s nice work if you can get it. He also has a nice resume of backing up artists in the studio and live such as Gavin Degraw, Richard Bona, Chris Botti,Harry Belafonte, Cyndi Lauper, Clay Aiken, Akiko Yano and more. He also has a new band that you’ll hear about called Ozone Squeeze.

In this interview they discuss his early years in Tel Aviv, moving to NYC, putting together his first record (Oz Live) and how he rehearses the bands, pedals- (he’ll talk about what his favorite most useful pedal is), his instructional videos for True Fire, current state of the blues in his opinion, influences and much, much more.

You can listen to he conversation here.

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