Mickey Hart/Zakir Hussain- Global Drum Project

Mickey Hart/Zakir Hussain: Global Drum Project (Shout Factory !)

Its been fifteen long years since Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart collaborated on the Grammy Winner Planet Drum (Ryko 1991). Zakir Hussain has always been considered a force in the world of tablas (Indian Hand Drums). Son of illustrious Ustad Alla Rakha, Zakir Hussain is one of the most travelled and recorded musicians, having co-founded Shakti with John McLaughlin, Diga Rhythm band with Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart and some spectacular recordings in recent times with Charles Lloyd on ECM. (Sangam)
Mickey Hart/Zakir Hussain- Global Drum Project

Mickey Hart/Zakir Hussain- Global Drum Project

Mickey Hart comes from the world of San Francisco rockers , The Grateful Dead, considered by many as one of Rock Music’s most respected improvisers. Mickey had always had a interested in deep tribal drumming that hit a wide audience in 1991 with Planet Drum and now has extended with Global Drum Project in 2007 (Shout Factory !)
On this outing they remember and pay respect to the late great Egytpian Drummer, Babatunde Olatunji, as they use his voicings on the opening funky, trancy cut, Baba. The exceptional duo is also joined by some amazing percussionists as they blend deep drumming and trance with a serious groove. Giovanni Hidalgo is an exceptional Latin percussionist with a speciality on Congas and Sikiru Adepoju on the Talking Drums takes part in this mesmerizing interplays. These four core musicians are joined by Zakir’s brother Taufiq Qureshi on percussion and vocals as well as young lion Niladari Kumar on sitar who has appeared with Jonas Hellborg on Kali’s Son and will be featured on John McLaughlin’s 2008 release The Floating Point. Dilshad Khan appears on sarangi.

The intense deep grooves and tribal sound motifs are enhanced aesthetically with interesting electronic sounds and above all recorded exceptionally for all us audiophiles out there.

The album is the next step to what Zakir and Mickey started with Diga Rhythm Band and Planet Drum in the early nineties.

Global Drum Project is a thoroughly enjoybale musical excursion and can be enjoyed all rhythm seekers.

Track Listings: Baba; Kaluli Groove; Funky Zena; Under One Groove; Dances With Wood; Heartspace; Tars; I Can Tell You More.

Personnel: Mickey Hart: percussion and vocals; Zakir Hussain: percussion and vocals; Giovanni Hidalgo: Latin percussion; Sikiru Adepoju: talking drum; Babatunde Olatunji: prerecorded vocals (1); Taufiq Qureshi: percussion and vocals; Niladari Kumar: sitar; Dilshad Khan: sarangi.

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