Separate Worlds

Nima & Merge Separate Worlds review by Ron Fuchs

I had the pleasure to catch the tale end of Nima & Merge’s set at a local Southern California jazz club in Orange County called Steamers, earlier this year. After I got home that night I quickly emailed the band to express my delight for their music. I was told by Nima that once their new album was released, he’d send me a copy. That album is their second studio release entitled, Separate Worlds.
Separate Worlds

Separate Worlds

Nima & Merge are a trio consisting of Nima Rezai (Stick player & composer), Dan Helfin (saxophone) and Brad Ranola (drums). They are joined by many guests musicians to help flesh out the sound. Their sound is basically a mixture of world music, jazz, progressive rock, fusion and rock. Picture a Discipline-era Crimson combined with Mahavishnu Orchestra and you get the framework of the band’s music. It’s so much more and one has to experience the music of Nima & Merge. Another band that comes to mind for comparison sake is Systems Theory.

I must admit that Separate Worlds requires several listens, especially a listener such as myself that is a newbie to the more eclectic side of progressive rock. If this is your thing then due yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.. Oh and if Nima & Merge comes to your town to play, I urge you to see them!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 9th, 2005

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