Separate Worlds

Nima & Merge Separate Worlds review

NIMA & MERGE Separate Worlds
by Brian Pate (Garion) 8/12/2005

Once in a while a group comes along and demands your attention. Nima and Merge is that group for me this year. I actually saw the band play before I heard any of their CDs and have been blown away with everything they do. I love the other two CDs but this one completely blows the other two away.

The Nima and Merge experience has to be understood in that they are very acoustic but rarely do you find yourself thinking that. They get so intense at times I am reminded of Shakti with John McLaughlin. If the first two songs from this CD, Fire Eyes and Road to Hana, do not grab you then you will never like this band. How can I describe the talent in Nima Rezai? I can only say is put on Road to Hana and listen to the man. The man actually finds a way to mix a bass guitar, Lead guitar, and keyboards in his playing the Chapman stick. I am sorry that I cannot describe the complex melodies he creates and holds. If Nima weren?t enough Brad Ranola on percussion and drums is one of the best new drummers I have heard in a while. He reminds me a bit of Bill Bruford and Louie Belson mixed together. When the song hits around the 3:30 minute mark Nima pulls off a great bass and guitar line on the stick off of the intro that culminates in an incredible solo from Dan Heflin on the sax. That is just one song! There is the 4 song ?Separate Worlds Suite? that starts with the 9+ minute Driven and ends with the fantastic Kurdish Dance that highlights the CD. I haven?t been able to change this CD yet today. Track number 9 Reng adds a total world sound adding Randy Graves on didjeridu and clapsticks. I also have mention how well the tracks flow from one to another. The production is perfect with every note clear. This is a solid, solid CD. No filler, no junk.

Separate Worlds

Separate Worlds

I want to so badly give this CD a 5 but I won’t. It hasn’t stood the test of time. I also think it needs more people listening and reviewing. I will leave that 5th that star to them. I will sum this up this way: Do you like Jazz? Do you like fusion? Do you like a touch of world music? Are you a fan of Improv and instrumentals? Do yourself a favor click on WWW.MergeMucic.Com and put in a order for this today! You will not regret it.

4.75 Solid stars!

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