Oz Noy and Ozone Squeeze

Oz Noy and Ozone Squeeze


“There are definitely no rules, set parameters – or formula at all,” explains Ozone Squeeze keyboardist and vocalist Rai Thistlethwayte. “It’s always been an intuitive conversation.”

Throughout Ozone Squeeze, the trio makes a virtue of space – bravely letting instruments resonate against spartan backdrops, letting the arrangements breathe. Rai Thistlethwayte, known internationally as front man of the successful Australian band Thirsty Merc, is a triple threat, often performing lead vocals, keyboards, and keyboard bass simultaneously. Oz Noy, whose own music is a harmonically inventive, off-kilter subversion of guitar blues and rock sensibilities best encapsulated by his two-volume Twisted Blues series, moves smoothly between lead and rhythm roles, often using adventurous sonic textures for color and emphasis. The Atlanta-based Darren Stanley provides the heartbeat. “His playing is all about pocket,” says Thistlethwayte, “but he’s got all the other stuff too. He’s solid but also nuanced and agile. I love how he adds electronic sounds really tastefully, alongside his acoustic kit sounds.”

Ozone Squeeze is not designed as a one-off studio session: Rather, the band intends to continue to discover their shared future through live performances and further recordings. Rai sees no end to their appeal. “Darren grew up in Atlanta, Oz is from New York I’m from Australia via Los Angeles,” he concludes. “You’ve got such an interesting mix of local musical scenes to draw from between us all. It makes this group a really eclectic musical outfit, and I can’t help but believe that a band like this would go down well anywhere in the world.”

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