Project Z – Lincoln Memorial

Project Z’s ‘Lincoln Memorial’

Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review: Project Z’s ‘Lincoln Memorial’
Project Z – Lincoln Memorial

Project Z – Lincoln Memorial


Not much could be said about ‘Lincoln Memorial’ that Bill Milkowski didn’t already tender as gospel in his superlative-laden liner notes. I genuflect shamelessly to his painstaking dedication to minutia, and acquiesce to the verisimilitude bestowed by Mr Milkowski in his beautification of the sophomore effort of Project Z.



As a listener, first and foremost, but as a musician also, I am leary of ‘live in the studio recordings’. What I fear about them is that spontaneous composition often results in spontaneous detonation-a morass. How could something that should be experienced as it occurs be translated into anything that anyone would want to listen to or attempt to make sense of.

This is my criticism of ‘Lincoln Memorial’ and I’m sticking to it. It’s too much to listen to. It relegates itself to the background every time I put it on, and I find my attention wandering.

I have to state that these are some of my favorite musicians, and that the execution and elocution presented here are first-rate. To play at this level, let alone make any of it focus or drive toward a conclusion is a testament to the genius of these players.

I personally like to hear music that has a clearly defined goal; music that inspires emotions or at least cajoles a response out of me…in other words, I need to hear something that touches my soul.

This type of music has its place, and is inspirational to legions of musicians, but for my tastes and needs, leaves me cold.

I’m truly sorry.

Rating: 7+/10. The plus is for the hyper-acuity of Jimmy Herring’s soloing, the incredible stamina of these guys, but mostly for the fact that there are people out there who still play for the sheer joy it produces. For them…..


Please, please, please, put out an album of compositions that will blow me away as ably as this disc left me bereft…

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