Rare Blend's "Stops Along The Way"

Rare Blend’s 2006 CD “Stops Along The Way”


Stops Along The Way is my first experience with Rare Blend and I am quite impressed by what I have heard.

Rare Blend's "Stops Along The Way"

Rare Blend’s “Stops Along The Way”

I’m not the Fusion specialist, but I would compare the feeling I get listening to Stops Along The Way to the one I got when I discovered Brand X in the late seventies. Some very melodic, sometimes intense music, and once in a while they can really dish it out. The musicians perform at a very high level, the production and sound are quite good and most importantly, the compositions are all interesting.

Like I wrote before, I’m only a casual Fusion listener but Stops Along The Way is an album I will certainly revisit in the future. Recommended!

Proggnosis (Progressive Rock & Fusion)
Golden Valley, MN

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