Ray Ferretti - Nice View

Ray Ferretti – Nice View


Nice View (Vectordisc) is the debut release from Philadelphia-based guitarist Ray Ferretti. It’s an ambitious collection of original fusion instrumentals that run the gamut from heavy, riff-based tunes to lighter jazzy fare. Ferretti provides all the guitar, bass, and drum loops on the album, and plays some keyboards as well. Joining Ferretti are co-producer Richard Burton on Keys, Ron Thomas on Keys, Jonas Aras on Piano, and Devan Andre on Flute.

While Ferretti is a fine player – well-versed in jazz harmony and smooth legato techniques – his writing skills are probably his greatest strength. Compositionally, the majority of Nice View is geared towards a modern fusion-vibe, and when Ferretti really hits the mark with that style – as he does with On and On for example – the results are as strong and realized as something you might hear on, say, a CAB album. I’m certain if Ferretti’s band featured a live rhythm section, he’d be able to hit that mark more consistently – especially if their skills were on par with his or Richard Burton’s abilities. Still, that Ferretti was able to craft an album of often complex fusion music without the luxury of a fleshed out band is quite impressive.

Ray Ferretti - Nice View

Ray Ferretti – Nice View

In addition to On and On, tracks such as Meet My Mind and Not Shore are further examples of standout fusion. These are high-octane tunes, loaded with convoluted sixteenth-note lines – often doubled with the synth – and great improv (Ron Thomas’ solo on Meet My Mind is one of the album’s highlights). There’s more than just fusion on Nice View however – Seven Heaven is a fine acoustic jazz piece, while Song For Elizabeth is a pure ballad that utilizes Devan Andre’s flute playing to great effect.

When is comes to guitar tones, Ferretti employs a high-gain distorted sound on most of the tracks, but he sounds stronger to me when he chooses a lighter tone, as he does for Something Beautiful Something Not or Husband and Wife. His solos breath a bit more on these tracks, due in large part to the snappy, dynamic tones he employs.

Nice View is an impressive feat for Ray Ferretti. This album obviously took a lot of hard work and dedication, though next time around, I’d like to see him throw his music at a monster rhythm section and see the results.

Ray Ferretti – Nice View (Vectordisc)


Ray Ferretti – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drum Loops
Richard Burton – Keyboards
Ron Thomas – Keyboards, Piano
Jonas Aras – Piano
Devan Andre – Flute


1. Meet My Mind
2. Hive Got It
3. Slow Day
4. Something Beautiful Something Not
5. Not Shore
6. Nice View
7. Sonik Funk
8. Confused and Alert
9. Husband and Wife
10. On and On
11. One Way Out
12. Seven Heaven
13. Eye Don’t Know
14. Song for Elizabeth
15. Kinda Blue Too (jam)
16. Just Kidding

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