Richard Hart Quartet

Richard Hart Quartet


Fearless Shores
Schepora IRL Records

By Butch Berman – Berman Music Foundation

I’m still trying to connect what alerted a Kathleen Hutson to send the Berman Music Foundation a promo package containing this CD, which—from among countless others—was picked to review. I knew none of the cats in the group, but the cover was beautiful…who knows? Nevertheless, this 30-minute excursion containing nine catchy tunes penned by guitarist-leader Richard Hart just caught on immediately.

A variety of grooves and rhythms that cover all the jazz bases seem to lock you in, and the ride is most enjoyable. Like the great Jerry Seinfeld series, a show about “nothing��? that said something, “Fearless Shores��? conveys simple tunes played flawlessly with beauty, truth and spirit throughout, with an almost addictive infectiousness that returns this CD to your player on a regular basis. These players are saying a mouthful without having to yell.

Richard Hart Quartet

Richard Hart Quartet

You could dig these sounds for a wide assortment of practicalities, such as learning how to dance, housekeeping, Ping-Pong, making love, or just enjoying a nice cabernet, sittin’ back and diggin’ it, man.

The quintet consists of Mr. Hart on guitar, Ron Munn on sax, Dorothy Soto on bass and, holding down the big beat behind it all, drummer Mark Winkel—truly your complete, tight unit. It’s the perfect bar band, but jazzy enough for the purists. Solid production work from Sonic Wings Recording Services’ Mark S. Miller, too.
Go out and find this lil’ gem pronto or order direct from schepora@yahoo.com

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