Rob Whitlock - Sketchin

Rob Whitlock – Sketchin


Rob Whitlock – Sketchin’

Song List:

1) At Golden Pawn
2) To Heather With Love
3) I Deal
4) God Bless the Child
5) Po Man’s Gravy
6) Rob’s New Tune
7) Sketchin’


Rob Whitlock (keys)
Anthony Jackson (bass)
Vinnie Colaiuta (drums)
Cliff Almond (drums)
Scott Henderson (guitar)
Pat Kelly (guitar)
Bob Whitlock (guitar)
Othello Molineaux (steel drums)
Michael Brecker (sax)
Amber Whitlock (vocals)
Billy Too Tall (congas)
John Rekevics (sax, flute)
Wayne Bergeron (trumpet)
Andy Martin (Trombone)
Nick Grant (violin, concertmaster)
Sai Ly Heng Acosta (2nd violin)
John Adevedo (viola)
John Acosta (cello)

Rob Whitlock - Sketchin

Rob Whitlock – Sketchin


There’s so much great music out there, what makes this recording excellent and stand out? It swings! With jazz expanding into world music with dialects as diverse as the cultures that embrace it, it’s a real treat to find something that stands out above the crowd. Most traditional jazz efforts really help to put jazz into the museum of musical styles, rather than breathe life into the art form. The Sketchin’ series of recordings by Rob Whitlock has the unique and charismatic touch that makes every note a joy for the listener.

Rob takes us on a journey that while staying within the jazz idiom, expresses itself with such diversity, it’s hard not to like it. From beginning to end, Rob surrounds himself with some of the world’s best musicians to support his vision, and it shows. These recordings belong on the “A��? list, “top shelf,��? and “5 stars��? efforts of any jazz work in the last 10 years.

The tunes are mostly originals and show a compositional skill that far exceeds any standard expectation. The ultimate criteria for making great music stand the test of time is the composition. The music Rob makes will certainly be as great 10 years from now as it is today.

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Rick Calic

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