Jason Sadites

Sadites Lands On Fusion Street


On this his second CD, Weve, Jason Sadites fuses straight ahead chops, technical wizardry, good guitar sense and plenty of melody to land the listener smack dab on Fusion Street.

Jason Sadites

Jason Sadites

A lot of the impact of this groove fusion is dealt out in huge doses by Sadites’ famous cohorts. Out of the box, big boss stick man Kenny Aronoff and bass guru Tony Levin drive the melody of the song Swarm deep inside your frontal lobe.
It’s an opener that would easily impress axemen such as Ritchie Kotzen, Greg Howe or Steve Vai.
In fact the next two songs, Self Evolving System and the title track, also with Levin and Aronoff, set the tone for the entire disc. Sadites’ use of ultra layers of harmony, Jeff Beck type overtones and piercing solos, show a guitarist well aware of not going too far off the technical end, but still surprising the listener.
This is an admirable trait and one that younger guitar players should pay attention to.
There are other amazing guest appearances by drummers Chad Wackerman, Jerry Marotta and Marco Minnemann, all musicians who add depth and character to everything that Sadites composes here. Hearing is believing.
Elsewhere on tracks like Oddly Enough, the funky metal track Reversal, featuring Timmins own Brendan Colameco on drums, and That’s Gonna Leave A Mark shows Sadites stretching out in different moods and time signatures.
In fact, some of the songs reminded me of Joe Satriani’s 1990’s period work on discs like The Extremist. Not a bad place to find yourself indeed.

John Emms is a local musician, songwriter and performer

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