Show of the Week: The Ringers – 22 Feb 2013 – NYC

Show of the Week: The Ringers – 22 Feb 2013 – NYC


The Ringers are:

Jimmy Herring – guitar http://www.jimmyherring.net

Wayne Krantz – guitars http://www.waynekrantz.com

Michael Landau – guitar, vocals http://www.mikelandau.com

Etienne Mbappe – bass http://etiennembappe.com

Keith Carlock – drums http://www.keithcarlock.com

This was put together with videos posted by Sgibson818, and a 96k recording of the same show, compliments of Eric McRoberts… At 10;17 just after the 2nd song begins, the picture comes to life, as the audio and video meet for the first time. These guys are all immensely talented, presenting a beautifully blended original sound, expressing a world fusion of obvious earned experience. With a mellow insurgence of all their highly energized ambitions, they’ll draw you straight into their own world of composition… and Jimmy,,, well, he’s the coolest blazing music inferno I know!!! Special Thanks to THE RINGERS, for making this amazing music, and allowing recording.

Here’s the playlist of all the original vids by Sgibson818… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzyHL0…

The Ringers 02/22/2013 BB King’s, New York, NY:

Soundcheck: 01. Improv/ Rush is ready – 00:368:35

One Set Show:

02. intro/tuning

03. Africa Jam – 9:3624:16

04. Pungee – 24:3337:25

05. Annick 2 – 38:0451:25

06. Worried Life Blues – 52:191:03:57

07. banter – band intros

08. Pymfao – 1:06:031:20:24

09. Mali – Peaceful Ride 1:21:001:36:50

10. Slopes – 1:38:081:53:38

11. encore break/crowd


12. Little Money Maker 1:57:052:11:40

13. outro/crowd


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