Steve Vai is Selling Some of His Personal Gear

Steve Vai is Selling Some of His Personal Gear


The Techno Empire Reverb Shop features guitars, amps, cabinets, and more from Vai’s personal gear collection.

Among the items for sale are:

•  An Ibanez Euphoria EP5 EP5EYRL 6-string acoustic guitar that comes directly from Vai’s recording studio. The guitar features Vai’s autograph and velcro on the right side. “Only Steve Vai knows why,” Techno Empire said of the velcro.
•  A Carvin VL100 Steve Vai Legacy 100W 220V guitar amp that served as Vai’s main amp while touring throughout Europe.
•  Multiple Carvin amps and cabinets used on the road. One includes velcro straps with all the signature markings of Vai’s guitar tech, Thomas Nordegg.

Many of Vai’s items come with a certificate of authenticity signed by him.

You can view the items for sale here.

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