Susan Weinert "running out of time"

Susan Weinert “running out of time”



1) see eleven
2) change
3) when the water bows
4) running out of time
5) darkness
6) what a night
7) they only come out at night
8) sooner
9) weather
10) just do it


Susan Weinert: guitar, VG-8, keys
Martin Weinert: bass
Hardy Fischötter: drums
Francesco Cottone: vocals

Susan Weinert "running out of time"

Susan Weinert “running out of time”

All compositions and arrangements: Susan Weinert
All Lyrics: Francesco Cottone

©2004 Tough Tone Records TTR 2302-2

One thought dominated my conscience while first hearing Susan Weinert’s latest recording “Running Out of Time��? and it was “Where has this woman been hiding��?? She is incredible and equally so is her band, husband Martin Weinert on bass, Hardy Fischötter on drums, and on this particular session, Francesco Cottone on vocals.

Listening casually, I’m reminded of early Allan Holdsworth’s vocal efforts, however, upon closer examination, Susan’s compositional skills are so impressive she clearly has her own well developed sound and style. In addition to the great compositions, “Running Out of Time��? is a first class Jazz Rock recording in every respect. The band is incredibly tight and in tune with each other using a great deal of musical integrity. It’s hard to hide a mediocre player in a trio and this band can deal it out with the best. This recording has it all, tight funky grooves, great stretches and jams, with an overall tasty soulful and passionate playing.

Regarding the rare appearance of vocals on every song of a Jazz Rock recording, I must admit that personally I’m not appreciative. Having said that, I must also admit that these vocals are absolutely superb, with equally heartfelt lyrics and the bottom line is “Running Out of Time��? succeeds where so many others have failed.

If you are a Jazz Rock fan, this is a “must have��? Cd. I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing more of Susan Weinert!

Rick Calic


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