Sylvain Luc and Philip Catherine

Sylvain Luc and Philip Catherine, live in Paris, August 21, 2009


Sylvain Luc and Philip Catherine played a wonderful concert at “Le Duc des Lombards”, in Paris, August 21, 2009. Set one was performed on electro-acoustic guitars exclusively, Sylvain Luc using his Godin guitar throughout the whole set.

Sylvain Luc and Philip Catherine

Sylvain Luc and Philip Catherine

The concert was performed in a very friendly and most humorous way, with both players, obviously enjoying their set, commenting each other – and having lots of laughs.

Sylvain Luc, once again, was most impressive, utilizing many of his special techniques. To name some, playing long melody lines employing harmonics, using the tuners to play parts of a composition, much in the same way as Bireli Lagrene does, as well as making the guitar sound like a percussion instrument. Then again, Sylvain Luc did, at least once, detune some strings totally – then reverted to perfect pitch

Philip Catherine employed various stomp boxes/pedals, for sound modification, most discretely and tastefully done.

The duo’s first set lasted a little less than two hours. This brand of jazz improvisation is somewhat different from both mainstream electric guitar jazz and American fusion, being most European-oriented, much of the set. The set list varied stylistically – from French standards to blues tinged compositions; the “outro” being very bluesy, with Philip Catherine relying – in parts – on sound effects. Philip Catherine’s composition “Porquoi?” (“Why?”) was performed – a very nice melody indeed! For those attending the concert – the question could – indeed – be reformulated: “Why not?” Those who did not attend definitely missed an opportunity!

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