Ted Greene's 'Solo Guitar'

Ted Greene’s ‘Solo Guitar’

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Jan-Mikael’s EARS: review: Ted Greene’s ‘Solo Guitar’


Ted Greene's 'Solo Guitar'

Ted Greene’s ‘Solo Guitar’

What is it?

Ted Greene, author of ‘Chord Chemistry’ and ‘Chord Progressions’ solo debut from 1977 has been reissued and remastered, albeit in somewhat Spartan manner.
The original liner notes and artwork have been reproduced, but unfortunately no additional information or material was provided.


What it is:

Greene is likely more famous for what he’s done for the education and knowledge of countless guitarists than for his recording or performing. A criminally under-recorded guitarist, the shadow cast by Mr Greene’s tutelage eclipses his actual output.

‘Solo Guitar’ dates from the period in guitar history when visionary finger-style innovators such as Lenny Breau, George Van Eps and Joe Pass were still performing and releasing records. Greene, equal parts purist (harmonically) and pioneer (voice leading and voicings) plays with impeccable technique and timing, cleanly executing complex inner voices and carefully arranged walking bass-lines, all the while delivering the melody in a succinct manner-separate from the other parts yet ingeniously integrated enough to allow the listener to comfortably believe that this is in fact one player….the mark of true mastery is to make the near-impossible sound feasible…

Cascading octave-harmonics ala Lenny Breau, unexpected modulations with harmonic intent, and gorgeously lush chording are de rigueur, and Greene’s touch and phrasing are outstanding.

Rating: 9-/10 (the minus is for Ted not including any of his original pieces on the ’77 recording, and for the bean-counters responsible for the reissue mot including any additional text or material).


A long-overdue reissue, lovingly re-mastered but under-whelmingly packaged….now, where’s the rest of Ted’s stuff?!

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